A new direction

What a strange feeling it is to be sitting in front of a laptop writing a new post for this long forgotten space I created a lifetime ago. I feel weirdly vulnerable in a way after removing years of my previous content but also inspired to be starting again with a clean slate, if you will. But why? I hear you ask, (or not).

Okay, so I am wanting to turn turn the focus of this page towards history, but more specifically local history from the area around where I live which is the North East of England. A lot of our local history is hidden away and not really spoken about anymore which is incredibly sad and instead Newcastle is seen primarily as a good location for a night out as well as having the most loyal football supporters anywhere in the world (we won’t mention the team itself). However, you don’t really hear about the Great Fire of Gateshead which rivals the Great Fire of London, the Great Flood of 1771 which wiped out the old Tyne bridge or the fact that we are home to the worlds oldest railway (Tanfield Railway).

I guess the point of this post is me just stating what I hope to achieve on this site going forward which is to push myself into learning more about the history of the North East (obvs), push myself to visit these places and hopefully just shine a light on a past that is slowly being forgotten. I may also create content around Celtic heritage and Paganism as that is another topic I am constantly researching and learning about.

Exciting times! If you know of anybody doing anything similar when it comes to posting about North East History please give me a shout in the comments as I currently can’t find many blogs that go into depth in the same way that I am hoping too.