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A Very Merry Lush-mas: Perle De Sel

This was the second bath bomb I used from this years Christmas line up from Lush and it was beautiful. The water that this product left was honestly beyond breathtaking! In a strange-sounding way it looked as if I was wrapped in beautiful expensive satin when I looked down into the water, like I say I know that sounds beyond mad but seriously you need to grab this bath bomb and experience it for yourself!



Scent wise, Perle De Sel had a floral and slightly musky fragrance but not in a heavy or overpowering way. No in fact it was quite the opposite and it was just a nice smelling bath and reminded me greatly of the snow cake soap lush released last christmas but sadly did not re-release this season.

All in all this bath screamed luxury from the delicate fragrance to the way the fine glitter particles swirled around my body and the calming colour of the water. Would I buy again? Yes! I think I need to stock up on these to get me through the rough days of 2019!

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Lush Christmas Exclusives

Hello! Sorry I’ve been AWOL these past few months. Unfortunately a combination of both a busy work and personal life has left me with very little time to sit down and think of content ideas, never mind being able to actually get around to create, edit and eventually upload the ideas I originally had which kind of sucks. So I do apologise about this little bit of post-Christmas spam that will more than likely be a recurring theme throughout January.

I have decided to kick off my first post of 2018 by featuring the contents of my Lush Christmas exclusives order I received just over three weeks ago. A lot of this order was sent off to Santa for Little Legs Christmas box which also included a Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly and Plum Snow Bubble Bar.

IMG_20180104_143351_790 - Copy.jpg

I will admit, I did end up caving (despite being skint and on a ‘ban’) and grabbed myself two products that I just could not miss out on.  One of which was the iconic Yog Nog soap! When my order arrived at work, I pretty much spent 10 minutes walking around with this wonderful product under my nose as it has such a distinctive smell which I find overwhelmingly comforting. I can only assume it is due to the nutmeg found within the ingredients list which gives this soap a warming yet sweet scent which reminds me slightly of cinder toffee.

IMG_20180104_144510_587 - Copy.jpg

IMG_20180104_142707_194 - Copy.jpg

I will admit that Hot Toddy shower gel was a little bit of a disappointment at first as I was expecting a strong cinnamon scent similar to 93,000 miles, yet I was greeted by a more spicy sweet fragrance which I can only describe as a crossover between cola cube sweets and mulled wine. Once I got home though and used this in the shower I was instantly won over by the strong scent of cloves as well as the wonderful rich vibrant red colour of this product. I slightly regret only ordering one bottle of this uplifting shower gel and can only pray it makes a return in the not so distant future.

IMG_20180104_144141_450 - Copy

I will also admit that the only reason I picked up The Christmas Penguin bubble bar as pretty much because he looked a little bit cute and fit the Christmas theme. However, I wasn’t blown away with the ‘Bergamot and Sicilian lemon oils’ description as citrus seems to be such a recurring theme now with Lush and I was expecting a citrus punch to the face when this little guy arrived. However, to my surprise this little penguin seems to share a very similar scent to The Olive Branch shower gel but with a little bit more of a subtle sweetness to it. I also found that a small amount of this product creates a decent amount of bubbles which left my skin feeling incredibly moisturized after leaving the bath, which only Milky Bath and The Bearded Lady bubble bar have been able to do in the past.

IMG_20180104_143726_556 - Copy.jpg

Speaking of the Bearded Lady Bubble bar, Peeping Santa reminds me so much of that much missed product visually, yet scent wise this little guy couldn’t be anymore different if he tried. If you’re a fan of products such as Snow Fairy then I’m sure you will also be head over heels for this adorable little Santa who is from the same Yummy Mummy scent family that is usually popular around the spring time (or the D’Fluff shaving soap that is available all year around). I’m yet to find out how moisturizing or how many bubbles this little guy creates, but I can only assume that with the addition of both shea butter and cocoa butter included in the ingredients list, he won’t disappoint.

IMG_20180101_134919_673 - Copy.jpg

Last but not least, I also picked up these adorable Bombardino bath bombs. These little guys are quite small compared to your regular line bath bombs, however at £2.95 I decided to grab three and prayed they would smell wonderful. As always Lush didn’t disappoint and this slow fizzing bath bomb has a sweet vanilla fragrance, but not overpoweringly so like you find with Peeping Santa or as sickly sweet as Snow Fairy.

And that is that. I can’t believe that is the end of the Lush Christmas products for another year, but will admit that I have already placed an order online today for some of the upcoming Valentines Day range that I am very excited to receive and review. What items are on your wish list? or even better let me know what items you caved in and purchased from either the Christmas range or the Valentines Day range in the comments section below or on my Instagram.


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Lush Newcastle Bloggers Breakfast: Part 1

On Friday 6th October I was given the wonderful opportunity to attend a bloggers breakfast event held by Lush Newcastle which enabled me to have a first look at both the new Halloween and Christmas range that launched in-store on the same day, as well as getting the low down on some of their highly debated naked shower products.


Admittedly, I have been quite excited for all three of these new ranges since the unveiling at the Lush Summit held at the beginning of September, and although I have placed a cheeky online order here and there I have been waiting patiently for the main bulk of these products to arrive in my local store. So to be invited along for a sneak peek was a dream come true, even if I did struggle with the 6am alarm.

Staff at Lush Newcastle however, didn’t seem to struggle with the early start at all and lifted everybody spirits as soon as the doors opened. The staff were incredibly welcoming (as always) and had even arranged for vegan pizza from Pizza Storm to be delivered for our breakfast. Who ever thought of pizza for breakfast seriously needs a pay rise, and oh my  what a pizza it was! We had a large variety to choose from and I opted for a slice of the spinach, mushroom and courgette pizza and it tasted sensational.


 After breakfast, we were shown the large array of shower products on offer this season, including the festive shower jellies as well as new naked shower gel formats. The new naked solid shower gels are the most recent invention from lush, which is basically made in the same way as your traditional liquid shower gels but with the water content removed. I know there is a lot of discussion at the moment about is this or is this not just soap, but quite frankly anything you wash with is soap if you think about it, be it in liquid or solid form. I admit when this first launched online I was a little bit underwhelmed and refused to buy into this ‘fad’ however, I now own three bottles of solid shower gel. I’ve decided to write-up a separate post going into more detail about the formula of this product within the next week rather than consume this post with my opinion. However I strongly suggest you go in store, talk to your local Lush team and pick one of these products in your favourite scents and give it ago. You wont be disappointed.

IMG_20171010_222052_661Snow Fairy

But fear not! The liquid shower gels you know and love are also available in-store and I’m told they wont be going anywhere anytime soon. You can find traditional fan favourites back once again such as Snow Fairy and the highly sort after Twilight. Bubbly which is my favourite festive shower gel has also returned, and we also see the arrival of two exciting new scents which is Berry Berry shower gel and Santa’s Christmas.

IMG_20171010_221757_725.jpgBerry Berry

IMG_20171010_221343_579.jpgSanta’s Christmas

Berry Berry allegedly smells very similar to Plum Rain which is one of my favourite lush fragrances, however I personally find this scent less tart and more sweet which I assume is due to the blueberries and cranberries that have been added to this formula.  Fans of Santa Baby lip scrub can also rejoice in the new Santa’s Christmas shower gel which shares the similar vanilla coke like scent.


This year we also see the launch of the new naked body conditioners which are on offer this season in just three scents which are Snow fairy, Bucks fizz and Christingle. I didn’t end up picking one of these up, however I would like to grab one of these before the festive season is out. I am actually more attracted to the naked versions of this product then I am the  black potted version as the smell was a lot stronger and it seemed easier to use when I tested it out in-store in comparison to body conditioners I have used straight from the black pots in the past. I was also told that they hold up incredibly well after being used a few times and are a lot less messy than their liquid counter parts.


Lush have really stepped up their game this year when it comes to their festive Soap line. Golden Pear may be my favourite seasonal item released this year, and is literally the size of a real life pear. It contains pear puree in its ingredients list along with murumuru butter which helps to moisturize and soften your skin.


Hidden Mountain is also debuting this year and as well as it having a Lord Of the Rings theme (‘One soap to rule them all’) it also smells like the ever popular tramp shower gel. Tramp was a fan favourite that sadly was discontinued a while back and caused uproar with Lush fans worldwide who demanded it be re-instated. This soap has a more earthy smell to is and contains both oak moss extract and lavender oil, and is a wonderful alternative to the usual sweeter smells that are released during the festive period.



We also see fan favourites back this year such as Baked Alaska which has a layer of popping candy on the outside, as well as shooting stars which allegedly glows in the dark! Snowcake is also back this year but a little more grown up and going by the name of Saucy Snowcake.

With all of these options in soap and shower products alone you would think Lush had outdone themselves with choice yet again. However, we still have the bath range to go.

Pop back tomorrow evening for a run down of the much-anticipated Halloween bath bomb and Christmas bubble bar range.
Lush Newcastle Bloggers Breakfast: Part Two