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Shoesday Tuesday x Irregular Choice

Shoesday Tuesday!

Something I occasionally post on my Instagram feed for the crack, and thought why not also post it on the blog? I decided to hold out until Spring as well so I could kick-start it all off with the most beautiful glittery heels I own which are my Irregular  Choice Flaming June sandals.


I picked these up two years ago direct from the Irregular Choice website and they arrived pretty quickly to be honest and to my delight. I was honestly mesmerised by the colours and how the sunlight caught the glitter as you walk.

I think these may also be the last shoes I purchased from Irregular Choice, as despite being a fan for many many years I have found every collection released since not to be to my taste, which is sad as this brand was always very quirky and unique.

ALSO here is a shit fact I have never worn these babies out of the house! Everytime I debated wearing them the heavens would open and the rain would just pour and pour and pour for hours, meaning my trusty Dr Martens ended up on my feet instead. Hopefully this Spring / Summer will be the perfect oppurtinity to wear them.



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June Favourites

As if June is over and July is already well underway! I know it’s a little ironic to upload a June favourites post considering we are now a week into July and the fact that my blog page was shut down for the majority of June but I feel I should celebrate the month of my birth as it has been pretty bloody awesome!

After my mini melt down that occured the first five months of 2018, June was finally the month that I acknowledged something was a little off and I worked my butt off to pull myself out the of mental gutter I had slid my way into. After seeing what I accomplished in June I am majorly looking forward to see what I can achieve through July and onwards over the next few months and beyond. One thing that helped me a lot was an app called Headspace, which teaches mindfulness and has re-taught me how to acknowledge and approach certain situations that happen to all of us daily. I fully recommend you check it out!

June is also the month I give myself the crazy task to bake my way through the entire Mary Berry’s Baking Bible. This is no mean feat with 223 individual recipes making up the contents of this book this challenge should take me around 3 to 4 years to fully complete. I will be blogging my way through the challenge where you can find weekly posts under the Lavender and Black Bakes tab in the menu bar or alternatively you can follow my new Instagram page here which will be a visual collection of images throughout this challenge.


Product wise I may not have posted a lot (okay, fine nothing, I posted nothing) in June but it was the month I discovered the Pixi skincare range that has taken over my entire skincare routine and has changed the appearance of my dull lifeless skin for the better! It was also the month Lush kitchen made a tiny come back and released some of their more sought after liquid shower gels, which I was lucky enough to grab two bottles of. So look forward to these posts appearing hopefully sometime in July!


Clothing wise I discovered how amazing Tesco’s F&F clothing range is this month, I picked up these adorable Pj’s which have come in super useful during the past few weeks of hot weather we have had as well as a new jacket which hasn’t been as useful but I am sure I’ll get my money’s worth come the cooler months. I also bought some Dungarees mid way through June from Ebay and I am in LOVE with how light they are to wear in this heat as well as how they make me feel like I am living through some 80s rom com.


E3 which feels like a lifetime ago also took place during June. E3 is basically a yearly event called the Electronic Entertainment Expo where game developers showcase what they have been creating and the games we will be playing during the upcoming months / years. This year I was personally blown away by the Berthera and Microsoft announcements and I am looking forward to Fallout 76 and Gears of War 5 (despite still not finishing Fallout 4 or Gears of War 4).

And that’s that! That was June summed up in around 550 words, here is hoping July is a lot more productive and just as awesome as last month was!

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Irregular Choice: Rosie with Love

Five days out of seven you will find me working in the ‘footwear industry’. I am not anything wonderful like a shoe designer or a brand representative (also known as the dream). No, I work in retail, out on the shop floor or on the front line as some would say. For the most  part I adore it. We stock many amazing cool and quirky high street brands, one of which is Irregular Choice.

I have been obsessed with Irregular Choice for well over a decade now. I used to spend my 30-minute lunch breaks in my local branch of Schuh gazing at their wall display full of these wonderful and unique heels covered in ice cream cones and little scottie dogs waiting for the day I could afford my very own pair. The one collection that caught my attention like no other was the Irregular Choice x London Collage of Fashion collection that was released back in 2011. Unfortunately the chances of coming across any of these styles released is like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. So, imagine my absolute delight when I discovered that they were once again teaming up with Rosanna Gault to recreate these iconic designs.


I guess it is to nobody’s surprise that just a little over a year ago today I finally managed to bag my very own pair (in fact I bagged myself two pairs but we will leave that for a later date). A few months later I wore them for the first and only time out of the house, trudging around the woods to take the images featured here today. It’s safe to say I almost broke my ankle twice tottering up and down muddy hills and climbing rocks. So, if you are looking for sturdy pair of climbing boots please let me inform you that these are not the boots for you. If, however you are looking for a pair of boots that will get you noticed then look no further.


Boots – Irregular Choice: Rosie with Love
Tights – Mickey Mouse print Primark
Dress – Asos (discontinued)