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A very merry Lush-mas: Goddess

Technically speaking this is not a Christmas bath bomb so I am being a teeny tiny bit naughty sneaking it in here. HOWEVER it is new, it is fantastic and it is 100% worth you running out your front door to your local Lush store to pick one of these up. After you’ve finished reading this post obvs.


I was blown away with the smell of this bath bomb which was a combination of sandalwood and jasmine, however and I could have sworn I could smell lavender in there as well when it first began to fizz after hitting the water.



The creamy lilac colouring was truly magical as well as adding to the calming effect that the fragrance was already having on my mood. I have also seen that this bath bomb has a lot of silver lustre which I could imagine as the bath bomb itself before I placed it in the bath was sparkling on its own, however I went into the bath on a Friday afternoon with just the December light coming through my window and a few candles I had dotted about, so to me the water was this fantastic matt lavender colour.

So would I buy this again? Yes I would! It was everything I needed after a stressful six days working in the crazy christmas retail chaos.

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A Very Merry Lush-mas: Perle De Sel

This was the second bath bomb I used from this years Christmas line up from Lush and it was beautiful. The water that this product left was honestly beyond breathtaking! In a strange-sounding way it looked as if I was wrapped in beautiful expensive satin when I looked down into the water, like I say I know that sounds beyond mad but seriously you need to grab this bath bomb and experience it for yourself!



Scent wise, Perle De Sel had a floral and slightly musky fragrance but not in a heavy or overpowering way. No in fact it was quite the opposite and it was just a nice smelling bath and reminded me greatly of the snow cake soap lush released last christmas but sadly did not re-release this season.

All in all this bath screamed luxury from the delicate fragrance to the way the fine glitter particles swirled around my body and the calming colour of the water. Would I buy again? Yes! I think I need to stock up on these to get me through the rough days of 2019!

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Favourite Christmas Eve PJs

I honestly think I own more sets of PJs then I do going out outfits, I am like the queen of Pjs with how many I own, and every time I try to have a clear out I can not for the life of me part with any of them! So the last thing I need for Christmas is more PJs. HOWEVER, I’m pretty sure it is some unwritten law that you must have a new set of PJs for Santa coming! I have honestly known myself to run around on Christmas Eve after work just to pick up some new PJs for myself if I haven’t done so already. Little Leg’s PJs are always bought well in advance and are wrapped up and delivered on Christmas Eve evening.

So here are a few PJ’s that have caught my eye this December.


Next’s Family Sprout PJ


Next Family Penguin Pjs



Next’s Classic Black Penguin Pjs


Next Ghost Pjs
(My Christmas Eve Pjs)



Asos Cany Cane Pjs



Asos wide legged polka dot Pjs



Asos Star Wide Legged Pjs



Debenhams Reindeer PJs





All of these images are from the websites I have linked to and are not my own. Also none of these links have been sponsored, just PJs I really like when scrolling through various websites. Happy Shopping! 

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Christmas Movie Countdown

The best way to get into the festive spirit is to snuggle up under a blanket with a hot chocolate and watch a good Christmas film. This year, myself and little legs have decided to countdown the days to Christmas by watching a different movie every night, so what are we watching? And more importantly what have we missed? Let us know your favourite Christmas movie in the comments below.

  1. Nightmare before Christmas
  2. Home Alone
  3. Home Alone 2
  4. Elf
  5. The Grinch
  6. Jack Frost
  7. Miracle on 34th Street
  8. It’s a wonderful Life
  9. White Christmas
  10. Die Hard
  11. The Santa Clause
  12. Gremlins
  13. Arthur Christmas
  14. Jingle all the way
  15. Serendipity
  16. Batman Returns
  17. Scrooged
  18. Edward Scissorhands
  19. The Snowman
  20. Groundhog day
  21. The Muppet Christmas Carol
  22. Polar Express
  23. Rise of the Guardians
  24. Deck the Halls
  25. Father Christmas
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Homemade Wrapping Paper

Does anyone else absolutely love wrapping paper? I love it so much that before October has finished I have usually toddled around every store in Newcastle looking for the best festive paper I can wrap my gifts in that year, and if truth be told I actually had this years paper picked out but I refused to let myself buy it until November 1st.

That was until I seen a post on my Facebook page explaining that you are unable to recycle it and mountains of the stuff ends up in landfills every year which is not helping out current pollution situation.


So on November the 1st (or a few days after) I toddled out and purchased some brown paper, logged into my Pinterest account and pinned multiple ideas for making my own festive wrapping. Some of the idea’s I found are beautiful! From making homemade pom-poms to wrap around your gifts, to decorating your presents with pine cones and pine tree cuttings.  I opted for the classic stamper and ink set in the hopes that I could get little legs involved in creating some amazing wrapping paper designs and get him off the consoles for a little bit.



Now I will say I don’t think I am actually made for arts and crafts. As wonderful as the image above looks (okay, as alright as the image above looks) I have to admit that these trees aren’t in straight lines, more like drunken lines and after an hour or two I ended up with cramp in my arm from repeating the same movement’s of stamp in ink, stamp on paper, stamp back into ink on loop. However, I will say that I felt a little proud when finished with how fab it looked, especially when I was toddling through Fenwick’s and seen they were selling pretty much identical wrapping paper to the one I have created for £4 a roll! Are you making your own wrapping paper this year? If so let me know what you’re doing in the comments section below!



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Christmas Countdown!

Aghhhhh! Here we are, 24 days until it is all over and eaten and drank. The countdown to the most wonderful time of the year has officially begun and I am beyond excited! Are you? For some crazy reason unbeknown to me, I seem to have some form of content planned for pretty much everyday of December. I know, stop the train! After a whole five-week of silence I have come back big in the craziest month of the year, however I am not going to be forcing myself to completing Blogmas so if I miss a day or two posting then so be it and if not then look at me being ridiculously productive at last, even if it has occurred at the end of 2018!


I will probably be too crazy busy to post and promote my posts all throughout the festive period, which I am sure you will understand so I recommend clicking the follow button found in the right hand side column as it means you will get a little email pinging into your inbox as soon as I upload any content so you won’t miss a thing!

Why will I be crazy busy you may ask! Well I will be drinking my way through river of hot chocolate, baking up lots of jolly delights and obviously playing Santa by getting all the gifts ready for Christmas day. Hopefully I will find a minute or two to relax and check out Hadrian’s Tipi, Pizza Punks Christmas menu and many more festive activities on the run down to the big day!

Can you tell I am excited? Let me know what your most excited about now that we are entering the final few weeks of 2018.

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Lush: Rudolph Jelly Face Mask

There is no denying that I don’t love a good face mask, and Lush do some of the best face masks on the market. I have previously reviewed both their Bunny Moon and The Birth of Venus masks and I found them both to be fantastic so I was quite excited when I discovered Lush had added a new jelly face mask to their festive range.

This new face mask is named Rudolph and contains orange and cocoa powder to both help tone and brighten your complexion. Also the combination of these ingredients mean that this mask smells exactly like a Terry’s chocolate orange but not in a overpowering sickly way.


I found the texture of this mask is similar to the Bunny Moon mask as it has a very creamy consistency once it is worked into a paste. Due to its smooth texture I found that it glides onto my skin quickly and with minimum effort meaning you can apply this mask within seconds with no fuss whatsoever.  I have been leaving the Rudolph facemask on for around 20 minutes and I have been pleasantly surprised on both occasions with how the mask / my skin doesn’t have that horrible tight feeling that many masks cause after they have dried out. Nope, I am still able to move my facial features when wearing this facemask without feeling like my face is turning to stone.

Once I come to remove the Rudolph facemask I have noticed it tends to dry a little bit like liquid latex and I am able to peel parts of the facemask off my face. It is an oddly satisfying feeling and I don’t feel as if I am damaging my skin in doing so. However, if the idea of peeling a mask off your face is not appealing then don’t worry, I have also found that you can remove this mask with some warm water and a face cloth.

After removing Rudolph my skin does look brighter and feels both firmer and smoother. Also, I have noticed that the following day when applying my makeup my foundation glides on and stays in place better throughout the day.

Crunch time though, will I buy this face mask again? Yes, yes and another yes! I am actually slightly devastated that this face mask is going to be an exclusive product and not part of the main line as I feel this is the best Lush face mask I have used to date, and you know I have tried out quite a few! Fingers crossed it will freeze well as I feel come the end of 2018 I will have stockpiled enough tubs of this face mask to last a fair few years!



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Lush Newcastle Bloggers Breakfast: Part 1

On Friday 6th October I was given the wonderful opportunity to attend a bloggers breakfast event held by Lush Newcastle which enabled me to have a first look at both the new Halloween and Christmas range that launched in-store on the same day, as well as getting the low down on some of their highly debated naked shower products.


Admittedly, I have been quite excited for all three of these new ranges since the unveiling at the Lush Summit held at the beginning of September, and although I have placed a cheeky online order here and there I have been waiting patiently for the main bulk of these products to arrive in my local store. So to be invited along for a sneak peek was a dream come true, even if I did struggle with the 6am alarm.

Staff at Lush Newcastle however, didn’t seem to struggle with the early start at all and lifted everybody spirits as soon as the doors opened. The staff were incredibly welcoming (as always) and had even arranged for vegan pizza from Pizza Storm to be delivered for our breakfast. Who ever thought of pizza for breakfast seriously needs a pay rise, and oh my  what a pizza it was! We had a large variety to choose from and I opted for a slice of the spinach, mushroom and courgette pizza and it tasted sensational.


 After breakfast, we were shown the large array of shower products on offer this season, including the festive shower jellies as well as new naked shower gel formats. The new naked solid shower gels are the most recent invention from lush, which is basically made in the same way as your traditional liquid shower gels but with the water content removed. I know there is a lot of discussion at the moment about is this or is this not just soap, but quite frankly anything you wash with is soap if you think about it, be it in liquid or solid form. I admit when this first launched online I was a little bit underwhelmed and refused to buy into this ‘fad’ however, I now own three bottles of solid shower gel. I’ve decided to write-up a separate post going into more detail about the formula of this product within the next week rather than consume this post with my opinion. However I strongly suggest you go in store, talk to your local Lush team and pick one of these products in your favourite scents and give it ago. You wont be disappointed.

IMG_20171010_222052_661Snow Fairy

But fear not! The liquid shower gels you know and love are also available in-store and I’m told they wont be going anywhere anytime soon. You can find traditional fan favourites back once again such as Snow Fairy and the highly sort after Twilight. Bubbly which is my favourite festive shower gel has also returned, and we also see the arrival of two exciting new scents which is Berry Berry shower gel and Santa’s Christmas.

IMG_20171010_221757_725.jpgBerry Berry

IMG_20171010_221343_579.jpgSanta’s Christmas

Berry Berry allegedly smells very similar to Plum Rain which is one of my favourite lush fragrances, however I personally find this scent less tart and more sweet which I assume is due to the blueberries and cranberries that have been added to this formula.  Fans of Santa Baby lip scrub can also rejoice in the new Santa’s Christmas shower gel which shares the similar vanilla coke like scent.


This year we also see the launch of the new naked body conditioners which are on offer this season in just three scents which are Snow fairy, Bucks fizz and Christingle. I didn’t end up picking one of these up, however I would like to grab one of these before the festive season is out. I am actually more attracted to the naked versions of this product then I am the  black potted version as the smell was a lot stronger and it seemed easier to use when I tested it out in-store in comparison to body conditioners I have used straight from the black pots in the past. I was also told that they hold up incredibly well after being used a few times and are a lot less messy than their liquid counter parts.


Lush have really stepped up their game this year when it comes to their festive Soap line. Golden Pear may be my favourite seasonal item released this year, and is literally the size of a real life pear. It contains pear puree in its ingredients list along with murumuru butter which helps to moisturize and soften your skin.


Hidden Mountain is also debuting this year and as well as it having a Lord Of the Rings theme (‘One soap to rule them all’) it also smells like the ever popular tramp shower gel. Tramp was a fan favourite that sadly was discontinued a while back and caused uproar with Lush fans worldwide who demanded it be re-instated. This soap has a more earthy smell to is and contains both oak moss extract and lavender oil, and is a wonderful alternative to the usual sweeter smells that are released during the festive period.



We also see fan favourites back this year such as Baked Alaska which has a layer of popping candy on the outside, as well as shooting stars which allegedly glows in the dark! Snowcake is also back this year but a little more grown up and going by the name of Saucy Snowcake.

With all of these options in soap and shower products alone you would think Lush had outdone themselves with choice yet again. However, we still have the bath range to go.

Pop back tomorrow evening for a run down of the much-anticipated Halloween bath bomb and Christmas bubble bar range.
Lush Newcastle Bloggers Breakfast: Part Two