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A Very Merry Lush-mas: Shoot for the Stars

Hello and welcome to the first ever A Very Merry Lush-mas, which is basically just an excuse I have given myself to go out and buy six of this years festive bath bombs from Lush without feeling guilty for spending money on myself and not presents for other people. It’s wonderful how much guilt you can rid yourself of by just saying ‘ooohh I know, I’ll write a blog post about it’!

Over the next six days I will be posting about a different bath bomb from the Lush 2018 Christmas range and writing a tiny review. So to kick-start the week off I thought I would write about a bath bomb that always re-appears at this time of the year and it is one of my favourite products from Lush’s range, Shoot for the Stars.


This bath bomb ticks all the boxes. You get spectacular bath art, vivid blue moisturising bath water and a scent that lasts on your skin and around the house for hours after you pull the plug. It is also from the Honey, I washed the kids scent family so you know that it is going to smell mouth-watering just from reading the ingredients list on Lush’s website.


This is most certainly one of the only bath bombs I look forward to all year around and get excited about when I see it is back listed as being back in stock on Lush’s website. Would I buy again? Yes, Yes and Yes!!


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Scream Queens

Night two of my bath bomb series is another product from The Rage Company and this post is going to be heavy with images as I don’t think I can explain with words the fantastically beautiful bath art this bomb created.


The bath bomb I used was called B-Movie Scream Queen and looked quite creepy. Not one tiny little detail was overlooked and the little face even had blood coming from its nose, mouth and forehead. In the description of this product it did pre-warn me that this bath bomb had been pressed so hard it may not actually float, so I was pleasantly surprised that mine had no issues at all with staying above the water on its own.



The fragrance of this bath bomb was also incredible! It smells exactly like the foam banana sweets you get in your mix up which paired wonderfully with The Body Shop banana shower gel and body yoghurt I already had in the house. After the top layer had dissolved and give off a thick yellow foam into my bath I finally hit the electric blue centre that is hidden in the middle of this bath bomb.



After the bath bomb had stopped fizzing and had completely disappeared I swirled the waters and found the most spectacular emerald green waters hidden underneath. There was no lusture like there had been with the Spellbound bath bomb the night before, however this didn’t make the water any less magical. I have tried to capture the amazing rich green colour of the water in the photo below however it doesn’t look anywhere near as bright as it was in real life.

Now will I buy this bath bomb again? Yes! I am honestly blown away with the quality of The Rage Company’s products if truth be told and I will definitely be purchasing from this amazing indie shop again in the near future!




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Hello, hello, hello and welcome to the first day of my 2018 bath bomb series! You may recall I did something similar this time last year, and if truth be told I really enjoyed that little mini series! So I thought why not try it again? I’ve mixed it up this year and instead of using Lush products I opted for some indie sellers on Etsy instead, and where I say some I actually mean two as I ended up obsessed with pretty much all of The Rage Company’s products.

So based on that I decided to kick-start this weeks series off with the first bath bomb I used from The Rage Company that is called Spellbound. This beautiful spiced plum scented bath bomb was amazing and the bath bomb itself was actually bigger than my hand and was grey in colour with a gold metallic pentagon on top.


I mean just look at that!

Now, after slowly lowering Spellbound into the bath it seemed to sink straight away before re-emerging seconds later fizzing away quickly creating a beautiful rich plum coloured water and releasing a very festive and warm cinnamon fragrance which also had subtle sweet undertones to it which lingered on my skin and in the air for a very long time afterwards.


Now at first this just seemed like your regular bath bomb doing its usual thing, however after Spellbound was around halfway through its spectacular show it started to speed up fizzing away and give off the illusion of a witches caldron bubbling away, after it finished doing this I noticed that their was a spectacular amount of gold lustre floating through my bath water. This lustre was so beautiful I actually think it rivals and beats that of its main stream rivals.


I later realised that this bath bomb contains both olive oil and coconut oil which would explain why my skin felt beautifully soft after I left the bath. I even seemed to be glowing slightly which I imagine has something to do with the oils found within this bath bomb and the spectacular shimmer that I was mesmerized by. It was a wonderful start to my week full of baths and will definitely be a bath bomb that I will be purchasing again as soon as it is back in stock!

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Wildest Dreams Book Box – October 18

A little change from our usual Tuesday post seeing as I am having a teeny tiny break from baking before the Halloween treat creating madness occurs. Also a little change because I woke up this week with a trapped nerve in my lower back. So Monday evening was all about relaxing rather than baking and luckily for me my Wildest Dreams Box arrived just in time!


What is the Wildest Dreams Box I here you mutter. Well, it’s only the best subscription box ever! Basically, once a month a newly released YA book is sent out to you through the post alongside other book related products such as tea personalised to the book of the month and other bath or body products. This months box is my first ever delivery after signing up to the Wildest Dreams subscription so let’s see what is inside!

The Book!


So lets jump to the main event which is the book that is featured in this months box. This book is called The Boneless Mercies written by April Genevieve Tucholke and according to the blurb ‘This is a story of Mercies and witches, of reeds and thorns, of woman and giants’.

Obviously it had already captured my imagination from its description and I could not wait to jump in and get started reading. In fact, I ended up beginning this book while sitting on the bathroom floor waiting for my tea to brew and bath to fill and I can tell you now it was a difficult one to put down as it had me hooked from the very first chapter.



Now, I bloody love a good cup of tea!! Nothing else can calm me like tea can, especially when I am feeling under the weather or a little blue. So as mentioned above every box also includes a special blend of tea that is personalised to the book and the pack that arrived in this months box is called ‘It’s a Monsters World’ which is toffee, pumpkin and liquorice flavoured. I know that seems a weird combo but it actually smells and tastes ridiculously nice! I have a loose leaf tea-pot so I’m going to make this tea in that however you are also kindly gifted some disposable tea bags if needs be.

Bath Product!


This months box also contained a handmade bath bomb and its little tag stated it was inspired by the Vampire Diaries series. This bath bomb smelt amazing! It was infused with patchouli which is a scent I love and vanilla as well as having notes of rose absolute, orange and jasmine which created this beautiful sweet but musky fragrance. It also turned my water jet black (see the first image) which was a surprise as the bath bomb was dark grey in colour so that was cool!

Other bits and bobs!

There was also some little extras in this box that I loved! It really made me feel that this box was more personal and more thought through unlike other subscription boxes which is nice! I received two jelly eyeball sweets which obviously got eaten as soon as the box was opened, a little syringe pen which I thought was a fake blood sugar syrup shot or something  at first because you know, food is always my first thought. A bookmark was also included, a mini book review card that I can fill out about this months featured book and also what I assume is the signature of April Genevieve Tucholke (The featured books author) alongside a little note of what is included in this months box. How cute!

And that is that! I honestly cannot express with words how excited I am about finding this subscription box and if you are a book lover then I fully recommend you check out the Wildest Dreams Box website! Also day 16 of blogtober! Whattt! I’m into the last half of the blogtober challenge now so thank you to everyone who has been reading along so far as well as everyone who has left comments on my previous posts, it is really inspiring me to keep on target for posting every day of this month!