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Christmas Movie Countdown

The best way to get into the festive spirit is to snuggle up under a blanket with a hot chocolate and watch a good Christmas film. This year, myself and little legs have decided to countdown the days to Christmas by watching a different movie every night, so what are we watching? And more importantly what have we missed? Let us know your favourite Christmas movie in the comments below.

  1. Nightmare before Christmas
  2. Home Alone
  3. Home Alone 2
  4. Elf
  5. The Grinch
  6. Jack Frost
  7. Miracle on 34th Street
  8. It’s a wonderful Life
  9. White Christmas
  10. Die Hard
  11. The Santa Clause
  12. Gremlins
  13. Arthur Christmas
  14. Jingle all the way
  15. Serendipity
  16. Batman Returns
  17. Scrooged
  18. Edward Scissorhands
  19. The Snowman
  20. Groundhog day
  21. The Muppet Christmas Carol
  22. Polar Express
  23. Rise of the Guardians
  24. Deck the Halls
  25. Father Christmas

Christmas Bucket List



I know I have an Autumn Bucket List already on the go but I purposely left off all the Christmas stuff so I could have a separate bucket list for the month of December. So here is our Christmas countdown bucket list. Lets see how many we can cross off before December 24th! Let me know what you’re looking forward to doing or seeing over the next 23 days, I would hate to think I have missed something off our list!

  • See Fenwick’s Window
  • Go the Fenwick’s christmas cafe
  • Jesmond Dene afternoon tea
  • Drink hot chocolate
  • Bake a Christmas cake
  • Bake Christmas goodies
  • Eat roast chestnuts
  • Visit a Christmas Market
  • Watch Christmas Movies
  • Make my own wrapping paper or Christmas cards
  • Make a Christmas wreath



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Anastasia Beverly Hills – Subculture Palette

T.K.Max has never been a place where I can find hidden gems. I know many people who can venture in and leave with lots of little treasures and find wonderful items and then there is me, whenever I pay a visit I always seem to leave empty-handed. However! The other week my luck changed when I wondered in for a quick look and I stumbled upon the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette!


The packaging of the palette had no information about what shades or colours could be found inside its contents so I had a sneaky little look and instantly fell in love with the most perfect autumnal palette I have ever stumbled across.

Colours such as Edge, New Wave, All Star and Adorn scream Autumn and I feel the shades such as Axis, Rowdy, Untamed and Electric will carry you into the Festive season beautifully!


Another selling point for this palette to me personally was how many matte shades are found inside, with 11 of the 14 shades being just that. I find that recently a lot of brands seem to go big on the amount of shimmer contained in a pallet and nobody thinks about the more wearable matte colours anymore which is needed to create a good base.

So far I have used all three shimmer shades of Cube, Adorn and Electric all which are beautiful (especially the latter) alongside Dawn, Mercury and Untamed. All of these colours are incredibly pigmented and seem to blend well which I was a little worried about if truth be told. The only downside is there seems to be a lot of fallout when I swirl my brush around in the pan but I can live with that in all honesty.

I am mega excited to use the colours Edge which is a perfect mustard colour and highly pigmented when I swatched it on to my arm, Roxy which again was highly pigmented and a beautiful warm peach colour, New wave which is another yellow shade but this one is more orangey in tone and All Star which is a beautiful berry red and I think it will pair beautifully with Mercury which is a warm tone gray colour.

I can not wait to see what wonderful grunge like looks I can create with this palette over the upcoming months and in the lead up to spring / summer next year. Let me know if you have this palette and what your favourite shade combinations are.



Lush: Boom Toothy Tabs



No, not BOOM! New post at last but BOOM! The toothy tabs sample I received within my last Lush order, which to be perfectly honest was quite a while ago now. These little solid toothpaste tabs are the strangest product I have tried out from Lush so far but one I was pleasantly surprised by in how effective they work.

Basically all you do is place one of these little pill like tabs into your mouth, give it a quick chew, pop your toothbrush into your mouth and wallah! the toothy tab begins to foam up like your toothpaste usually would as you clean your teeth.

There are a few variations and different flavour to choose from but it was Boom! I was kindly gifted in my last online order from the Lush website. Boom! contains powdered charcoal and gunpowder tea which help to whiten your teeth. It leaves a cola like taste in your mouth once you have finished cleaning your teeth which is a nice change to the usual menthol flavours of regular toothpaste.

So would I actually invest my money into this product? Do you know what? I actually think I would and I am highly considering tagging these into my next order if truth be told. My mouth felt incredibly clean after using these little tabs and they seem to have whiten my teeth slightly (I am not saying it worked miracles but there was definitely a visible improvement after a few days of cleaning my teeth with this product).

Lush also do a mouthwash version of these little tabs on their site, but I am yet to try those out as of yet but after being pleasantly surprised by the toothpaste version of these tabs I may give those a go also to ee what they are like. if you have any recommendations please let me know what ones to go for or how well they work!


What is so wrong with being single in anyway?

Hello, I am back!

Sorry I have pretty much been MIA for the past few months. I wish I had some wonderful tall tale of some fantastic life I have been living, but unfortunately I will have to disappoint you as I kind of don’t. In fact, I have kind of spent the past few months trapped inside my own head and isolating myself away from the world which for any one who battles daily with crippling anxiety will know isn’t the best of ideas for your mental health.

It all started with a tiny health scare I had way back at the beginning of November and I had to attend all those appointments for that scare alone, which is okay I guess and it can’t be helped, but it also got to me that I didn’t have anyone close to turn to during that time period partner wise to console me, cos it was freaking terrifying. Then the Christmas period rocked up, which is so much fun but so stressful when you work in retail. It’s also super shit if you don’t have that special ‘someone’ to share all that christmas joy with… or so I kept being told.

Ironically, I really enjoyed Christmas alone. I didn’t have to run around or wait around for someone to appear, I spent a long time in the bath listening to music from the 40s, I spent boxing day curled up on the sofa under a blanket drinking (and not sharing) my bottle of prosecco whilst watching old black and white movies. But then it started. ‘Oh this time next year you might have found that special someone at last’, ‘I just want you to be happy and married and settled down’ and even worse, a wonderful friend of mine (no sarcasm I actually love her to bits) embarrassingly messaged the first boy I have liked in a LONG time all this weird .. weird stuff (trust me if you need to know one thing about me it is that I am not a ‘lovey dovey’ emotion sharing person, these walls are firmly up!) and that was that… Defensive mode kicked in, spiral to hell occurred.

This strange interest in my relationship status or therefore lack of it has been the topic of conversation with every person I know since. I mean, are you single? Do you experience this weird absolute shit show of a topic on an almost weekly basis? Cos its honestly starting to wear a bit thin for me like. In the past four months I have let it get to me so much I have decided to write this strange post and I have also at times cried myself to sleep. There’s nothing WORSE than being reminded constantly that you’re not wanted by another person or that your just quite frankly not good enough. I have been asked / told things like, my hair colour and tattoos are too intimidating, I don’t have a problem finding a man its the fact I can’t hold onto one, I act like a 10-year-old boy and should be more girly and grown up, I can’t live like a spinster. I’m 27… 27.

Like, what the actual…

So anyway, less ranting more positive. This past week I have sat back and looked at my life and I wrote a small list of things I would like to achieve by this time next year (which I totally recommend) and not once did it cross my mind to write on this list ‘to find a nice man and settle down’. If anything its the absolute opposite. So then I got thinking, as you do in the early hours of the morning when your meant to be asleep as you have work in 4 hours, and I realised in the past four months of me being upset and down for not ‘having a man’ I have never actually wanted to find one. Everytime a boy spoke to me or asked me out I would mimic the Homer Simpson backing into a bush to disappear gif. If truth be told, I am really content with where I am in life and I am very excited for what this next year holds and how I am going to grow as a person. If somebody finds me and wants to join me on my adventures* during that time period then okay cool, if not then okay cool.

Anyway I’m going to wrap this up as I am nearing 800 words on this strange pointless post. I will however say if you are also single and are experiencing any of the above then please know you are NOT alone and honestly just screw society. Enjoy being you and remember the words in image below!


Also!!! Now my head is firmly back into being the best me I can be mode (dinosaurs, games ’10 year old boy’ things and all) this means I will be trying to focus on this little part of the internet a bit more! I have even created a post schedule / timetable for the whole of April! Lets see if I can stick to it!







*sitting in my room with an excessive xbox / ps4 addiction.