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Empties: Summer 2018

So here is a new little thing I thought I would do.  Rather than post my monthly empties or monthly favourites I thought I would just start a new series where I post what products I have used up through the previous season and how much I liked or disliked them. I know, the clue is in the title, however it may be a long post so grab your favourite drink some snacks and get settled cos here we go.

Skin care


First up I want to talk about the Pixxi Skintreats Glow Tonic and Rose Tonic that I discovered this season. Both of the bottles I have used up are the 100ml sized ones which I used in the evening (glow tonic) and in the morning (rose tonic) for a more gentle cleanse. I have seen a dramatic change in my skin since using these products and I will purchase them again but in the bigger bottle’s next time so they last a little longer.

No7 beautiful skin hot cloth cleanser is something my mam has had lying around her room since christmas and I asked her if I could nab it. It is quite a nice cleanser and feels thick and creamy in texture and applies well. I didn’t actually use this as the way it is intended when you pop a hot cloth over your face and relax long enough for your pores to open (I’m a busy working full-time mother when am I meant to find the time for that?) but I did enjoy using it as a second cleanser once my make up was removed on a night. Yes I would purchase this but to be honest I might just hold out until Christmas to receive it in a No7 gift set.


Lush’s Jelly face masks! I have done individual reviews of these in the past (remember my face mask friday series?) which I will link if you want further info. I quite like these jelly mask’s if truth be told, and although I am not keen on 1000 millihelens  I would buy Bunny moon and The Birth of Venus again.


Lastly for skin care is the Charlotte Tilbury Magic cream moisturizer. My god this stuff is amazing! My skin felt firmer and softer and looked more plump and healthy when I was using this tiny little sample pot as a night cream. It also smelt wonderful and relaxing compared to other moisturizers which can smell a little chemical. However, as much as I would LOVE to purchase the full size of this product and add it into my face care routine I can not justify spending £70 on a 50ml jar, so unfortunately it is a no from me.

Hair Care


Tiny little hair care section here as I am always swapping and changing my hair care products so I never actually end up with many empties. The Banana body shop hair mask though is a product I would buy again for the smell alone! This product smelt like banana milkshake and felt very creamy in texture when I was applying it to my hair and it left my hair feeling replenished and rehydrated (aka my hair looked less like that of a witch who lives alone in the woods without a hairbrush).

The Batiste Dry Shampoo in cherry is one I am hit and miss with. I probably will buy this again out of convenience however I much prefer the Lush dry shampoo and I think I will continue to invest in that instead of this product.

Shower / Bath


Good god there is probably a few bath bombs and bubble bars here that I have used over the past few months but have no evidence or memory of what they were. One lot that I have photos of so I will mention is the new Lush shower bombs. I purchased one of each of these to try them out as I was quite excited to how they would perform in the shower, especially as an alternative to shower gel. However, I was highly disappointed in every one of these products from how they crumbled upon removing them from their box to how badly they performed in the shower. Big N-O from me.


Snow Fairy Body conditioner is not a product I was rushing to use but seeing as Lush’s Christmas products are now available I thought it was about time I used up last years stash. Surprisingly I really liked the scent of this after years of disliking most of the snow fairy products in general and as a body conditioner it meant I applied it in the shower, washed it off and wallah no need to moisturize as I already had done so. Yes I will buy this again but probably in a bigger tub this year.

Rub Rub Rub Shower scrub is up there as one of my favourite lush products so it is a no brainer that I will buy this again. I think I will buy another 665g tub as it has lasted me a lot longer than the traditional 250ish gram tub and I full recommend you try it for yourself as it is a gentle body scrub that leaves you feeling wonderfully clean.

Make up


This should be named make up that made it into the empties pile and not straight into the trash can. Foundation wise I have both Bobby Brown’s skin long-wear weightless foundation and MACs pro-longwear nourishing waterproof foundation. Both excellent foundations however due to both companies testing their products on animals I will not be buying these foundation again now that they are empty.

There is also an Urban Decay Naked skin weightless complete coverage concealer here which is a decent concealer but I am currently using the Kat Von D concealer and I will admit I am way preferring that one for how well it sits on my skin, so this is an unsure if I will buy it again or not product right now.

Urban Decay Perversion waterproof fine point eye pen (not pictured) is another product I used up this season but it ended up straight in the bin. As good as this was for applying my winged eyeliner I wasn’t impressed with the quality of the pen tip from the start. Again I am currently using the Kat Von D Tattoo liner so I will see how well that works and if it outperforms this eyeliner then I won’t be changing back.



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Bunny Moon Face Mask

The past two weeks have flown over since I posted my first Face Mask Friday review and I wont lie, I have unfortunately neglected my face mask routine in that short space of time. The reason being, as all parents reading this will know, the kids have just recently gone back to school and I am finding it incredibly difficult trying to get back into the school / work / life routine. I honestly have found myself climbing into bed most nights after 11.30pm! Utter madness.

As you can imagine, the combination of late nights and cold early mornings has left my skin dull, dry and incredibly unhappy. Thankfully this weeks face mask review is on another Lush Jelly Mask named Bunny Moon, and seeing as this mask promises to moisturize, calm and clear my skin this may be the SOS my skin is crying out for after two weeks of neglect!


Bunny Moon was one of the first jelly masks I wanted to pick up and try due to its cute name. Yet I ended up purchasing The Birth Of Venus and 1000 Millihelens before adding this mask to my collection. Bunny Moon is the only product from the Lush Jelly Mask range that is NOT vegan as it includes the use of honey. This is because honey is an antiseptic which helps fight off any pesky acne you may have by cleansing your pours, as well as it also helping to keep your skin soft and smooth. The Bunny Moon mask also includes chamomile and marigold infusion and rose oil within its ingredients list. The combination of these natural ingredients give the mask a ‘clean’ smell which to me smells like talcum powder. The mask is also pale cream in colouring with added gold lustre on top, making it very visually appealing straight away. However, unlike the other jelly masks I own, this one is quite creamy in texture and sort of similar to that of a melted marshmallow. This does make it a lot easier to apply to my face unlike The Birth of Venus face mask, however I do feel I end up using a lot more product when it comes to applying Bunny Moon and if I’m honest, I am three uses into my pot and half the product is already gone.


This mask feels a little tight as soon as it begins to dry out, but not uncomfortably so. Also, when I come to remove the mask after 20 minutes, it has dried a little like liquid latex dries, and I am able to pull parts of it off my face. Gross? Yes? Oddly satisfying? Also yes. I have found the best way to resolve this is to splash my face with warm water a few times to turn the mask from ‘rubber’ back into the creamy, silky texture it originally was. I then remove the mask by wiping the product off my face with a cloth and warm water as you would with any other face mask.

After removing Bunny Moon my skin does look slightly brighter and firmer in comparison to what it looked like before I applied the mask, it also feels softer to touch.  However, is this a face mask I would buy again? If I’m honest probably not. I personally think I would rather invest in a fresh face mask like oatifix which contains honey to help fight my acne but also contains oatmeal and ground almonds which would exfoliate my skin. I would then continue to use The Birth of Venus every other night instead to help keep my skin looking brighter, more healthy and radiant. This is no disrespect to Bunny Moon, which is still a brilliant mask within its own right, it’s just that I unfortunately don’t think it caters to my personal skin care needs. However, I still have half a pot to use so I may change my mind in time.

Let me know if you are getting on better with Bunny Moon and how your finding Lush’s new Jelly Face Masks. I will be back in two weeks for another Face Mask Friday post, although I have no idea what mask to use next! If you have any recommendations let me know in the comments section below.



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Urban Decay x Jean-Michel Basquiat: Gold Griot Palette

I will start this post off by admitting that mid way through this year I lost all enthusiasm when it came to my makeup. At the end of 2016 I was playing with all these wonderful bright colours, caking my eyelids in glitter and just generally having fun with the looks I was creating. However, fast forward nine months and the only eye  shadow in my collection that currently sees the light of day is a No.7 pale grey transition colour that I got for free and if I’m truly honest that’s on days where I can be arsed to apply it at all.

That was until I stumbled upon the Urban Decay x Jean-Michel Basquiat Limited Edition Gold Griot eye shadow palette at my local Urban Decay beauty counter. I was instantly drawn in by the colours Sucker Punch, Influence and Crown. This collection also featured another eye shadow palette named Tenant and fingers crossed this will also one day join my collection as it has the most wonderful and daring shades of green, pink and blue.



Both of these fantastic eye shadow palettes are housed in a mini reproduction of Basquiat’s artwork, with all eight shades inside each palette haven been inspired by the art work it is encased in. As if that isn’t cool enough, the palette itself has been cleverly created out of canvas, and even includes a small cut out on the back so you are able to hang your own little bit of Basquiat artwork on your wall.


The colours are incredibly pigmented in comparison to other eye shadow palettes I own, and they are so easy to blend and manipulate as you use them. I am currently using Enigma (Top colour) and Levitation (Second from top) as transition colours.


I have also used Not For Sale (third colour down) paired with a MAC cranberry red shimmer shadow to create an autumnal smokey eye look, as well as pairing Sucker Punch with the shade Influence (fourth pan and fifth pan down) to create a dramatic copper smokey eye look.


As you can see from my awful attempts at swatching these colours, Pseudonym (second from the bottom) was the most difficult shade to blend out, and to be honest I’m a little disappointed in this colour as well. On the back of the palette packaging Pseudonym looks like a deep plum colour, however in the pan it looks black with flecks of pink shimmer, yet upon swatching this shade it looks as if it just plain matt black. One that may end up being difficult to work with. However if you look underneath, look at how beautiful Crown is (last pan)! The way the light bounces off this lustrous gold shade makes me very excited about the upcoming festive months, and I am sure I will make use of this colour at every given opportunity.

Now, due to this collection being ‘limited edition’ as well as being originally released way back in April, this palette wont be hanging around for long so if you are interested in purchasing it then I advise you act quickly.  I’m secretly praying that the Tenant pallet will still be in stock by the time my next pay-day rolls around, and if I am lucky enough to get my hands on it (fingers crossed) then I will also do a small review on the different and more daring shades that are encased inside.

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The Birth of Venus Face Mask

Hello, and welcome to my new fortnightly series I have oh so creatively named Face Mask Friday. To kick-start this off, I have decided to post about the new Lush Cosmetics mask named The Birth of Venus which was the first product I purchased from their Jelly Face mask collection.


The Birth of Venus mask stood out from the get-go as it contains fresh rose petal infusion, lavender absolute and chamomile blue oil which reminded me of the facial soap Lush also sells called Fresh Farmacy.  The ingredients in both products are very similar and  I always have a block of Fresh Farmacy stashed away for when I suffer from heavy breakouts, because despite being 27 my acne still likes to think that I am 13. Thankfully I was correct in my thinking, and The Birth of Venus helps to calm any redness in my skin or bouts of acne I am suffering from. Also, this wonderful mask leaves my skin feeling soft, dewy and hydrated which is a rarity as most face masks leave my skin feeling quite tight and dry. The benefits of this mask also carry over to the next morning as when I wake up my skin seems to look more plump and just altogether more healthy, which makes applying my foundation a hell of a lot easier.


Due to the combination of fresh ingredients that are present in this mask, the scent is both subtle and very calming, making it perfect to use just before bed. The texture of the mask is silky once applied to the skin and I personally do not find it as heavy or as drying as other facemask tend to be, I also find it sits comfortably on the skin and after the designated time, meaning I’m not itching to remove the mask before its worked its magic.

But what is a jelly mask and how do you apply it to your skin? Well, I wrote up a terrible overview of these fantastic masks last week found here, and as for application this jelly mask turns into a paste incredibly easy. With this product I have already pre-cut the mask into small cubes and I personally find that one cube is more than enough to create a thin layer over my face and neck. What I personally do is take one cube in the palm of my hand, and with clean, dry fingers I work the jelly into a paste. Once a paste has formed, which usually takes me no more than 20 seconds, I apply the product to my face in the same way you would any other face mask. The instructions on the pot advises leaving the mask on for 15 minutes but some nights I leave it on a little while longer, before washing off with warm water and a clean face cloth. The mask isn’t difficult to remove in comparison to other clay based masks I have used in the past.

Lastly, I have been so impressed by this mask I have actually added it to my night-time skin care routine. I was very sceptical of these masks at first, which you may also be when reading this post, however after using them I think it will be very hard for any other face masks to knock it from its pedestal it now sits upon.

Let me know if you have tried The Birth of Venus or any other products from the jelly face mask range and how you’re getting on with them, or if you have a face mask that you think is even better than this one please let me know below!

I will be back in two weeks, possibly writing about the Bunny Moon mask which I am itching to use! Unless another one grabs my attention before hand. How exciting! Until then!

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Jelly Face Mask

From what I have seen this year online, 2017 seems to be the year of the face mask.

Way back at the start of January all the major beauty and make up influencers were harping on about how good the Glam Glow masks had left their skin feeling, which at around £40 for a 50g jar of the stuff you would kind of hope so! Then we seen the rise of those black facemask peels all over social media, where people ripped out blackheads (and practically half their face) with this magic pore cleansing mask.

At the end of July, Lush also added a few new face mask to the market. One that was exciting, initiative and has quite a good shelf life compared to the fresh face masks they are known for. The jelly face mask. Lush have launched five of these Jelly masks, all containing carrageenan extract (red seaweed) which is the key to their jelly like texture and is also moisturising on the skin.

Now I wont lie, the first time I used one of these masks I had no idea what I was doing and found the formula quite frustrating. However, after using these masks a few times I seem to have got the application method down to a T! Basically, you pop a small amount into the palm of your hand and smoosh the product into a paste before applying it to your face.

I currently own three of these masks:


Bunny moon which I purchased under 24 hours ago so I haven’t used this mask yet, but it smells like talc and also contains a small amount of honey which is supposed to help hydrate your skin.


1000 Millihelens contains fresh apple juice, green tea and witch hazel. Ironically I do believe this product makes my skin break out rather than preventing breakouts, however I have only used it twice so I may need to use it a few more times before my skin starts to settle down.


My favourite out of all three, and the one which is now part of my nightly face care regime is The Birth of Venus Face Mask. This mask contains fresh rose petal infusion, lavender and chamomile blue oil and helps to both calm and hydrate my skin.

I also would like to try FOMO which is full of calamine powder and rose absolute to help calm and sooth your skin, and lastly Just to Clarify which has bamboo stem and papaya juice which exfoliates and brightens tired skin.

The best thing about these masks is they are highly versatile. Unlike the fresh face masks lush also sell, these masks do not have to live in the fridge and will sit well next to the rest of your skin care products. A small amount of the product also seems to go along way, so rather than getting three or four uses per pot, I imagine one pot could last weeks if used daily, meaning you get a lot more product for your money, which is also fantastic seeing as rather then having a 2/3 week shelf life, these face masks will last at least four months.

What more do you need? I’ve added links to the reviews I have done above, though on the date of publish that will just be for The Birth of Venus Face Mask, but over the next few weeks I will add more. I may even create Face mask Friday! Though to be honest I think I’m testing myself trying to post twice a week, three times may kill me. Let me know below if you like this idea! Also let me know what face masks you have been trying and loving!