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Lush April Haul


Just like uploading a new post, it has also been quite a while since I last placed an order with Lush. In fact, I think it was when the Valentine’s day products launched way back in January! So I think it is safe for you to assume that I went a little mad, but not too over the top. I also tried to steer clear of the seasonal products, however I did pick up two Golden Egg bath bomb melts and a Cream Egg bubbleroon to try out.

In fact, Milky Bath bubble bar and Cream Egg bubbleroon were the only two bubble making products I purchased this time which was a little out of the usual as I have always preferred my bubble baths to my bath bombs if truth be told. Milky Bath bubble bar just smells so clean which I know may sound a little stupid seeing as it is bubble bath but it just hasn’t got that heavy sickly scent some bath products often have attached to them. Cream egg on the other hand has a heavy peppermint fragrance that is very uplifting and I recommend you pick one of these little bubbleroons up to try from your local Lush store before they disappear for good.

After falling in love with Butter Bear bath bomb at Christmas, I decided to grab a Butterball bath bomb which has the exact same scent and moisturising properties as its Christmas counterpart. This little bath bomb is quite the steal coming in at just under £3, and it pairs fantastically with the Milky Bath bubble bar mentioned above.


Whilst scrolling through the bath bomb section of Lush’s webpage, I came to the conclusion that it would be a crime not to add these two adorable products to my basket. Not only do they both look and smell amazing, they have also both produced beautiful bath art when I have used them in the past. Although if truth be told I have a suspicion that Rocket Science  will be a dud as every time I pick this little guy up he is so soft and crumbly, however he smells fantastic! Like those blueberry sour laces you used to be able to get from your corner shop as a kid which also (fun fact) used to be my favorite sweets ever! Yellow Submarine on the other hand is more topical and fruity fragrance rather than overly sweet. Some people say the scent of this bath bomb reminds them of lemon sherbet sweets but personally this reminds me of Malibu and pineapple juice, which yes may just indicate that I have a bit of an alcohol problem.


Over and Over on the other hand actually reminds me of lemon sherbet’s as it has that sweet but almost sour citrus fragrance going on. The top orange layer is actually a coating of bath oil which made my skin feel lovely and soft when I last used this, and the bath art this product creates is mesmerizing as it rolls around spewing out vibrant yellow, orange and pink colours into the surrounding water. I know spewing isn’t the prettiest word to use here but trust me this bath bomb is amazing.


Guardians of the Forest. What can I say about this? It has a wonderful complex woody, slightly spicy fragrance going on. The first time I purchased this product I was taking a bit of a gamble if truth be told as I had never used products like Tramp or Grass and I wasn’t 100% sure I would be keen on this product at all but I fell in love instantly. It is however, a really difficult product to describe so I will firstly say it slightly reminds me of lord of misrule but less peppery, which is strange as I don’t think they have any ingredients similar at all, and secondly I would suggest trying this product out for yourself as it is so different to all the other citrus and sweet-smelling products you can typically find in store.


Lastly I decided to grab two products from the bath oil section. I have no idea what a bath oil is really, I imagine it’s something you pop into the bath and it will melt due to the heat of the water? I’m not sure… but at £2.50 a pop I thought why not find out? I picked up Furze which smells beautiful and very earthy. It also slightly reminds me of, and it sounds weird, when you walk into a garden centre greenhouse on a warm summers day. I also decided to purchase Cloak of Invisibility obviously because of the Harry Potter reference, however I am not so sure if I am keen on the fragrance of this if truth be told but I am still looking forward to trying it out.

And that is that. Would you like to see some posts about these products similar to the ones I uploaded back in October with a brief summary of how these products perform in the water? If so let me know in the comments section below! Also let me know what products you are currently using and loving from Lush this month.


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Lush Christmas Exclusives

Hello! Sorry I’ve been AWOL these past few months. Unfortunately a combination of both a busy work and personal life has left me with very little time to sit down and think of content ideas, never mind being able to actually get around to create, edit and eventually upload the ideas I originally had which kind of sucks. So I do apologise about this little bit of post-Christmas spam that will more than likely be a recurring theme throughout January.

I have decided to kick off my first post of 2018 by featuring the contents of my Lush Christmas exclusives order I received just over three weeks ago. A lot of this order was sent off to Santa for Little Legs Christmas box which also included a Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly and Plum Snow Bubble Bar.

IMG_20180104_143351_790 - Copy.jpg

I will admit, I did end up caving (despite being skint and on a ‘ban’) and grabbed myself two products that I just could not miss out on.  One of which was the iconic Yog Nog soap! When my order arrived at work, I pretty much spent 10 minutes walking around with this wonderful product under my nose as it has such a distinctive smell which I find overwhelmingly comforting. I can only assume it is due to the nutmeg found within the ingredients list which gives this soap a warming yet sweet scent which reminds me slightly of cinder toffee.

IMG_20180104_144510_587 - Copy.jpg

IMG_20180104_142707_194 - Copy.jpg

I will admit that Hot Toddy shower gel was a little bit of a disappointment at first as I was expecting a strong cinnamon scent similar to 93,000 miles, yet I was greeted by a more spicy sweet fragrance which I can only describe as a crossover between cola cube sweets and mulled wine. Once I got home though and used this in the shower I was instantly won over by the strong scent of cloves as well as the wonderful rich vibrant red colour of this product. I slightly regret only ordering one bottle of this uplifting shower gel and can only pray it makes a return in the not so distant future.

IMG_20180104_144141_450 - Copy

I will also admit that the only reason I picked up The Christmas Penguin bubble bar as pretty much because he looked a little bit cute and fit the Christmas theme. However, I wasn’t blown away with the ‘Bergamot and Sicilian lemon oils’ description as citrus seems to be such a recurring theme now with Lush and I was expecting a citrus punch to the face when this little guy arrived. However, to my surprise this little penguin seems to share a very similar scent to The Olive Branch shower gel but with a little bit more of a subtle sweetness to it. I also found that a small amount of this product creates a decent amount of bubbles which left my skin feeling incredibly moisturized after leaving the bath, which only Milky Bath and The Bearded Lady bubble bar have been able to do in the past.

IMG_20180104_143726_556 - Copy.jpg

Speaking of the Bearded Lady Bubble bar, Peeping Santa reminds me so much of that much missed product visually, yet scent wise this little guy couldn’t be anymore different if he tried. If you’re a fan of products such as Snow Fairy then I’m sure you will also be head over heels for this adorable little Santa who is from the same Yummy Mummy scent family that is usually popular around the spring time (or the D’Fluff shaving soap that is available all year around). I’m yet to find out how moisturizing or how many bubbles this little guy creates, but I can only assume that with the addition of both shea butter and cocoa butter included in the ingredients list, he won’t disappoint.

IMG_20180101_134919_673 - Copy.jpg

Last but not least, I also picked up these adorable Bombardino bath bombs. These little guys are quite small compared to your regular line bath bombs, however at £2.95 I decided to grab three and prayed they would smell wonderful. As always Lush didn’t disappoint and this slow fizzing bath bomb has a sweet vanilla fragrance, but not overpoweringly so like you find with Peeping Santa or as sickly sweet as Snow Fairy.

And that is that. I can’t believe that is the end of the Lush Christmas products for another year, but will admit that I have already placed an order online today for some of the upcoming Valentines Day range that I am very excited to receive and review. What items are on your wish list? or even better let me know what items you caved in and purchased from either the Christmas range or the Valentines Day range in the comments section below or on my Instagram.


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Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Campaign Beauty Box

2017 marks 25 years since Evelyn H. Lauder and Alexander Penney created The Pink Ribbon which is now an easily identifiable logo of Breast Cancer Awareness.  These little pink bows were originally given out back in 1992 at department store beauty counters to remind woman to check their breasts regularly. Something that some of us, both males and females, still neglect to do to this day.


This October, which is a month dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness, Esteee Lauder launched a limited edition beauty box featuring eight products all from well known beauty brands worth £91 for the bargain price of £25. Yes you read that correctly, £25. Better still, £15 from each sale goes straight towards the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

With the recent birth of beauty box culture within the younger generations, I think this is a fantastic way to promote Breast Cancer awareness to all ages as well as a wonderful way to raise cash for this worthwhile charity. I also hope that this post will inspire you to check yourself regularly and to make a doctors appointment if you feel as if something is wrong. As embarrassing as it may be having to discuss and show your boobs to somebody for all  of 5 minutes, it is something that may just save your life. Also get your smear done regularly, this is something else that is close to my heart.

Anyway, enough of me pretending to be your mother, lets have a look at the contents of this beauty box.


The front of this beauty box has the iconic pink ribbon, looking a little aged with the statement ’25 years ago, there was no pink ribbon. Time to end breast cancer’ written in bold text. Underneath it asks you to help ‘support our mission to create a breast cancer-free world’ and inside the box your find a small information leaflet with a handful of facts about breast cancer such as how ‘1 in 8 women, in the UK will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lifetime.’* and that ‘31% of cancers diagnosed in woman are breast cancer.’** The leaflet also goes on to tell you about the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


Lets take a look at the products look inside.


First Up is the 7ml Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Foam Cleanser / Purifying Mask. This promises to gently remove makeup and other impurities as well as unclogging pores, it also states that it is ideal for normal / combination skin, and that you can use this as a daily cleanser or twice a week as a 3 minute purifying mask. I think I’m more likely to use this as a mask, and will probably featuring it at some point in my Face Mask Friday series. It’s pale ivory in colour and quite thick and tacky in texture, it also smells relatively pleasant.

This box also contains a full sized 15ml Clinique all about the eyes lightweight eye cream. This promises to diminish the appearance of puffy eyes, darkness and fine lines. So hopefully it will work wonders on me when I come to use it considering I currently resemble a raccoon. It is quite thin in texture, and doesn’t have an obvious fragrance to it. The product also left the back of my hand feeling like velvet so fingers crossed it will bear similar results with my eyes.


Another Clinique product in this box is a full sized Chubby Stick. I’ve used these lip products before mainly during the colder months as it provides instant hydration to your lips and leaves a subtle tint of colour behind. This lip pencil is in the colour number 07 Super Strawberry.


Origins have included a 15ml re-texturing mask with rose clay which claims to be a 2-in-1 masking game changer. The ‘Rose clay deeply cleans while jojoba beads exfoliate to refine the appearance of skin’. This mask is pale pink in colour, and very thick however once spread across my hand I could see and feel the exfoliation beads. This mask also doesn’t smell like rose like you would expect. This will be another product I feature on Face Mask Friday in the upcoming weeks.


There is also a 7ml pot of Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base included in this box. I am a little excited for this product I must admit, as at a consultation at the Bobbi Brown make up counters this was applied to my face and felt very nourishing and I was told it was an oil free primer-moisturiser hybrid which was also one of their best selling products. I’ve wanted to pick this product up for a little while so I am over the moon to be able to see how my skin reacts before I splurge on a full size version of this product.


This box also includes a 14g pot of Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-Powder. The front of the bottle states that this is ‘equal parts dry shampoo, style extender and volume all in  pinch.’ Not much to say about this, it smells pleasant and slightly floral and I look forward to using it in place of my current Lush no drought dry shampoo to see what the results are.


No beauty box is complete without including a mascara, and this one contains the SmashBox Full Exposure Mascara which states that it helps to both volumise and lengthen lashes with no clumps and no flakes. Bold claim. I look forward to putting it to the test.


Last but in no means least, there is a 15g GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment. Apparently this ‘scientifically advanced clearing treatment’ will ‘help fight common skin concerns and give super clear, super poreless looking skin.’ Once again bold claims that I will test out and feature in my face mask Friday series soon. First impressions, this was very liquidy and very thin in texture. It smelt slightly of tea tree oil or peppermint oil, I’m unsure which as the fragrance vanished fairly quickly and left behind a liquorice like scent.

This has turned into quite a long post, so I wont write too much more. I will say I think this box was fantastic value for money as I will be able to test out products I wouldn’t usually purchase to see if I think they are worth the price tag the full size versions carry. I also feel less guilty spending £25 knowing that £15 will be going towards a good cause.

Once again I urge you to take care of your health and to check yourself regularly and visit all appointments and checkups you may be due. I would rather have this post influence you to do that then to go out and buy certain product. However, if you want to do both then I picked up my box from Clinique but it is also available from Estee Lauder , Bumble & Bumble , Smashbox and GlamGlow.




*Source breast cancer UK
** source breast cancer UK