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Vegetable Patch: July – August 2019

So our ‘little’ vegetable patch has EXPLODED with produce recently, probably due to the crazy amount of rain we have had over the last few days here in the North East. The first lot of broccoli has been picked along with five heads of cauliflower all of which has been par-boiled and frozen for meals over the coming months.

The cabbages are still in the ground and doing well, however we have lost two as they have ‘gone to seed’. What the hell does gone to seed mean I hear you ask? Don’t worry I asked my parents the same question, and no I won’t just keep repeating gone to seed at you as an answer until you feel like you’ve gone slightly mad. Basically it’s gardener speak for when a plant enters the flowering stage in preparation for seed production, and means the cabbages are past their best and will taste rank.


The beans are also going crazy climbing the structure my dad built for them and producing lots of beautiful flowers which will hopefully soon turn into more beans then we will know what to do with, which is currently what the courgette plant is doing! I honestly don’t think I have ever seen one plant produce as many courgettes and I’m slightly glad my dad ignored my protests when I argued that we would need more than one of them in the garden to give us enough produce to cook with, boy was I wrong!

My little nursery is going well, and now that the cabbages and first lot of broccoli are done I am  going to remove them from the vegetable patch and help my dad transfer the cauliflowers and turnips across  into the spaces left behind. I am a little worried for my beetroot though, even though I saved it and it survived despite being on the brink of dehydration and death, I’m worried that being under the huge broccoli and cauliflower leaves has stunted their growth due to the lack of sunlight. Fingers crossed they will flourish now that those vegetables surrounding them have been removed.

And lastly, I added basil and greek basil to my herb garden this week and I can’t wait to make my own homemade pesto from scratch. Only one of the mystery plants has survived but has yet to flower, we still feel it is a sunflower plant and hope the slugs keep off it until it has a chance to reveal itself but at the minute (due to the wet weather) the snails and slugs are having a field day in our garden.

Oh and I must add, my dad is baffled that I run around the garden taking photos and ‘blog’ about our little vegetable patch (despite only writing and publishing one post so far) and says he hopes I am telling you that he has done most of the hard work in the vegetable patch this year, but in my defence this is due to him choosing days I am at work when he originally transferred all of the plants into the ground, sooooo.. not my fault really. Right?


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reconnecting with nature: the start of a 29 year olds obsession with gardening


I am incredibly lucky to have grown up in a family that are green fingered. Everyone of my older family members have absolutely beautiful gardens, especially my late nanna and my late grandad (the latter who had one of the most fantastic gardens I had ever seen as a child).

My family garden has always been spectacular, even when it was a building site for my many many years, my mam would still have her hanging baskets up around the scaffolding with every plant standing proud. Many of my first memories have always hovered around our garden, I mean I practically lived in the greenhouse eating cucumbers straight from the vine and sieving the sticks out of the compost making it almost as fine as flour. 

But it was last year when I was very unwell with my anxiety that seen me take an actual interest in gardening as an adult with my very own little herb garden. This year I am wanting to step up my game and I am trying to help plant up other things in the garden after getting my herb garden up and running for 2019.


So this year in the garden we have quite a good sized vegetable patch going on as we haven’t yet got a greenhouse which I’m slightly glad about as it will end up eating into some (most) of the current vegetable patch space. My dad has planted in some broccoli, cauliflower, onions, courgette, potatoes and runner beans. Last Sunday I took over part of the garden where a water feature will eventually live, and I created a little nursery to save the turnips, late cauliflower and sweet peas. I also transferred across the beetroot between the already established vegetables in the patch in hopes to save them as they were beginning to look a little sorry for themselves.


As well as my little herb garden, I have also planted up some random plants that have been sprouting up in the most unusual places! These two little mystery seedlings were found in with the rose pot and in with the mint! We think they are sunflowers but are not 100% sure so it will be really fun seeing what they will develop into. I have also spotted more springing up all over the garden, including in with the strawberry hanging baskets and in the thyme / sage pot! So if you have any idea what they may be please give me a shout!

Also let me know what you are hoping to grow this year, I’m really looking forward to watching the vegetable patch grow from now until the autumn!