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Lush Newcastle Bloggers Breakfast: Part Two

Hello again and welcome to the second instalment of my Lush Newcastle bloggers breakfast series. If you missed part one do not fret, you can find the link here. Today’s post is going to be a run down of the various bath bombs and bubble bars found within both of this years Halloween and Christmas range that are now available in-store.


Starting with the Halloween range, the one product that stood out for me was the most adorable little black cat bubble bar with piercing yellow eyes which goes by the name of Bewitched. We were informed that this unlucky kitty was inspired by the original Bewitched TV show that aired back in the late 60’s / early 70’s. It  contains both olibanum and beaumont oil in its ingredients list and has a similar scent to the recently discontinued Blackberry bath bomb which has been a fan favourite for years, as well as being one of the first bath bombs created by Lush.


When it comes to the Christmas range however I find it a little more difficult to pin point a favourite bubble bar due to how many wonderful and almost mouth-watering fragrances are on offer. This year we see Lush offer up nine bubble bars, including one named Man On The Moon which has a similar scent to the ever popular Calacas fragrance. There is also a bubble bar which is shaped like an adorable little Snowman as well as My Two Front Teeth bubble bar which is packed with lavender oil, vanilla absolute and tonka absolute. To me this smells like a cross over of The Comforter with a  hint of Sleepy body lotion, however I’ve seen a lot of people grouping it in with the Think Pink scent family. Plum Snow is also a new bubble bar added to the range this year, which is heavily based on the shower gel Plum Rain.

This season both Candy Mountain and Christmas Eve bubble bar make a return to the Christmas line up and we also see the return of both Magic Wand and Magic of Christmas reusable bubble bars. Magic Wand is a fan favourite as it is part of the Snow Fairy scent family, however my favourite of the two is Magic of Christmas which has captured the fragrance of Christmas perfectly and is a must have this festive season.


As if these spectacular bubble bars weren’t enough to choose from, Lush Newcastle also have a huge array of bath bombs on offer. This year we see old favourites mixed in with some new products and there are even a few regular line items that have had a Christmas make over, looking at you Butterbear. Luxury Lush Pud is also available this year and is part of the twilight scent family meaning it will be a firm favourite over the next few months. The staff at Lush Newcastle demoed this bath bomb for us so we could see first hand the magnificent bath art this creates. We were told after they added Luxury Lush Pud to the water that the polka dots that decorate this product are actually  miniature bath bombs which helps to create such a striking show in the water.


Golden Wonder bath bomb is also back for Christmas 2017 with two sizes available this year. In-store you will find the smaller of the two sizes, which is actually a little larger than your regular bath bomb. This shares a similar citrus like scent with Bubbly shower gel as well as the discontinued Snow Showers shower jelly that I am lucky enough to own. I must admit that this was the first time I have seen Golden Wonder in action, and it created a beautiful, dark, mermaid green water with an incredible amount of lustre.


This year we also see two new bath bombs added to the Christmas range which are Thundersnow and Christmas Sweater. I have been looking forward to the release of Christmas Sweater since the Lush Showcase as it was described as having a spicy cinnamon scent to it and is related to my favourite Lush scent, Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar.


This Halloween and Christmas range also sees the first of the festive Jelly Bombs with both Ectoplasm and Snow Fairy available to purchase. Ectoplasm is part of the Halloween range and is based on Slimmer from the movie Ghostbusters. This jelly bomb turns your  water an electric green colour with contrasting thick purple jelly which helps to soften the water. Snow fairy is obviously another product which is part of the Snow Fairy scent family, and this jelly bomb is a lot softer in comparison to Ectoplasm due to the jelly not being as thick and gloopy but more soft and fluffy. This would make it an ideal jelly bomb to try first if you were curious yet a little unsure about this new innovation.


The Halloween range this year is also full of previous fan favourites including the popular Lord of Misrule bath bomb which has a wonderful spicy scent due to the black pepper and patchouli oil it contains. This bath bomb also shares a similar scent with the Monsters and Aliens Fun bar that is part of the Lush regular line found in-store all year around, and also comes in shower gel form during the Halloween period. We also see a return of the Pumpkin bath bomb that has undertones of both vanilla and cinnamon which creates a homely like smell I personally associate with Autumn harvest cooking and baking. Monsters Ball again is another product back this season that also shares the Calacas scent along with Man on the Moon bubble bar that is mentioned above.


I would like to thank Lush Newcastle for inviting me along to this wonderful event they hosted in-store on the day of their festive launch. I may have picked up a few items before I left the store, as well as being gifted some incredible products from the team, so look out for a Lush haul post in the next few days which I will link here. Also let me know what items you have already picked up in the comments section below, as well as what you are looking forward to trying from both of these ranges.



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Lush Newcastle Bloggers Breakfast: Part 1

On Friday 6th October I was given the wonderful opportunity to attend a bloggers breakfast event held by Lush Newcastle which enabled me to have a first look at both the new Halloween and Christmas range that launched in-store on the same day, as well as getting the low down on some of their highly debated naked shower products.


Admittedly, I have been quite excited for all three of these new ranges since the unveiling at the Lush Summit held at the beginning of September, and although I have placed a cheeky online order here and there I have been waiting patiently for the main bulk of these products to arrive in my local store. So to be invited along for a sneak peek was a dream come true, even if I did struggle with the 6am alarm.

Staff at Lush Newcastle however, didn’t seem to struggle with the early start at all and lifted everybody spirits as soon as the doors opened. The staff were incredibly welcoming (as always) and had even arranged for vegan pizza from Pizza Storm to be delivered for our breakfast. Who ever thought of pizza for breakfast seriously needs a pay rise, and oh my  what a pizza it was! We had a large variety to choose from and I opted for a slice of the spinach, mushroom and courgette pizza and it tasted sensational.


 After breakfast, we were shown the large array of shower products on offer this season, including the festive shower jellies as well as new naked shower gel formats. The new naked solid shower gels are the most recent invention from lush, which is basically made in the same way as your traditional liquid shower gels but with the water content removed. I know there is a lot of discussion at the moment about is this or is this not just soap, but quite frankly anything you wash with is soap if you think about it, be it in liquid or solid form. I admit when this first launched online I was a little bit underwhelmed and refused to buy into this ‘fad’ however, I now own three bottles of solid shower gel. I’ve decided to write-up a separate post going into more detail about the formula of this product within the next week rather than consume this post with my opinion. However I strongly suggest you go in store, talk to your local Lush team and pick one of these products in your favourite scents and give it ago. You wont be disappointed.

IMG_20171010_222052_661Snow Fairy

But fear not! The liquid shower gels you know and love are also available in-store and I’m told they wont be going anywhere anytime soon. You can find traditional fan favourites back once again such as Snow Fairy and the highly sort after Twilight. Bubbly which is my favourite festive shower gel has also returned, and we also see the arrival of two exciting new scents which is Berry Berry shower gel and Santa’s Christmas.

IMG_20171010_221757_725.jpgBerry Berry

IMG_20171010_221343_579.jpgSanta’s Christmas

Berry Berry allegedly smells very similar to Plum Rain which is one of my favourite lush fragrances, however I personally find this scent less tart and more sweet which I assume is due to the blueberries and cranberries that have been added to this formula.  Fans of Santa Baby lip scrub can also rejoice in the new Santa’s Christmas shower gel which shares the similar vanilla coke like scent.


This year we also see the launch of the new naked body conditioners which are on offer this season in just three scents which are Snow fairy, Bucks fizz and Christingle. I didn’t end up picking one of these up, however I would like to grab one of these before the festive season is out. I am actually more attracted to the naked versions of this product then I am the  black potted version as the smell was a lot stronger and it seemed easier to use when I tested it out in-store in comparison to body conditioners I have used straight from the black pots in the past. I was also told that they hold up incredibly well after being used a few times and are a lot less messy than their liquid counter parts.


Lush have really stepped up their game this year when it comes to their festive Soap line. Golden Pear may be my favourite seasonal item released this year, and is literally the size of a real life pear. It contains pear puree in its ingredients list along with murumuru butter which helps to moisturize and soften your skin.


Hidden Mountain is also debuting this year and as well as it having a Lord Of the Rings theme (‘One soap to rule them all’) it also smells like the ever popular tramp shower gel. Tramp was a fan favourite that sadly was discontinued a while back and caused uproar with Lush fans worldwide who demanded it be re-instated. This soap has a more earthy smell to is and contains both oak moss extract and lavender oil, and is a wonderful alternative to the usual sweeter smells that are released during the festive period.



We also see fan favourites back this year such as Baked Alaska which has a layer of popping candy on the outside, as well as shooting stars which allegedly glows in the dark! Snowcake is also back this year but a little more grown up and going by the name of Saucy Snowcake.

With all of these options in soap and shower products alone you would think Lush had outdone themselves with choice yet again. However, we still have the bath range to go.

Pop back tomorrow evening for a run down of the much-anticipated Halloween bath bomb and Christmas bubble bar range.
Lush Newcastle Bloggers Breakfast: Part Two


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Afternoon Tea Mason + Rye


How ironic my second post published under my new domain name is once again food related. I wont lie, I am a little pig constantly day dreaming about what my next meal will be. So imagine my excitement when I discovered last Monday that the entire week (14th-20th August) was one that is dedicated to afternoon tea.

I know afternoon tea is a little old fashioned, but it seems to be slowly coming back into style recently with a number of places in the North East offering up their idea of the ideal tea. I remember the first time I tagged along with my family for afternoon tea at Marco Peirre White in Newcastle thinking how on earth would a few finger sandwiches and cakes fill the void in my tummy, but by god it did! I was so full I actually struggled to finish what was presented to me.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find time to venture out this week and enjoy an indulgent tea due to being busy at work and with little legs still being off school; so instead I decided to throw my own interpretation of afternoon tea for myself and my family at home. The kids had doughnuts and cookies, but I treated us adults to some amazing cakes from Mason + Rye that is located inside Fenwick’s newly refurbished food hall.


First up was the Rose Macaroon.
I’m pretty sure this was named Rose and Raspberry Macaroon but I’m not 100% sure, mainly because I was too busy deciding what cakes looked the best rather then reading the cards in front of them. During the tea, me and my lovely Mam halved this macaroon and came to the conclusion that although this was a beautiful floral tasting treat, a full one would be too much to eat all at once. I later debunked this theory when I devoured the last macaroon within seconds. It tasted amazing.


We also halved the Coconut and Passion Fruit macaroon, as it was only really bought as an experiment to see how the flavours would taste once combined. Ironically, my Mam liked the passion fruit filling but wasn’t overly keen on the ‘over powering’ taste of coconut, however I adored the coconut element to this treat yet the passion fruit didn’t appeal to me at all and ended up sadly in the bin, after I picked the coconut macaroon from around the amber coloured goo, obviously.


Another cake I wasn’t overly fussed on was the dark chocolate and salted caramel tort. Again this is my fault for not reading the name cards correctly and being guilty of my eyes being bigger then my belly, because lets face it this cake looks spectacular!! Upon purchasing the tort I assumed the chocolate would be milk chocolate, however I was slightly dismayed when my Mam announced it was actually dark chocolate. Noooo. If you’re a lover of dark chocolate (how many times can I say the C word in one post) then you probably will really enjoy this desert, I personally think the cake is slightly too big, I was able to eat half of  it before it ended up becoming to rich and sickly to finish off.


Last, but in no means least was the lemon meringue pie. Now no one can beat my Nana’s homemade lemon meringue, however boy did this come close! The curd was thick, tarty and refreshing and the meringue top was light and airy, as well as having a wonderful glossy finish. This was definitely the best desert out of the selection I picked up, and one I will be back to purchase again!

Despite some peculiar taste combinations, this is defiantly somewhere I would recommend you to visit if you’re in Newcastle city centre and in need of a good desert and a cup of tea! Also a massive shout out to the incredibly helpful and polite staff who took the time to help me choose from the array of cakes on the day!

And that is that. I promise the next few posts wont be food related, which I’m sure my waist line is incredibly happy about. Let me know if you also celebrated afternoon tea week, or if you have an venues or cake shops you recommend to visit.

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TMNT & The Bohemian

So by now the legendary NE1 Restaurant week has been and unfortunately gone. I only managed to visit one restaurant this week, which is slightly devastating as all the menus on offer sounded absolutely amazing; however I need to try to save some money for our upcoming trip to LEGOLAND as I fear little legs will be wanting to end his day out with a Lego set or two.

I was accompanied by my wonderful work family to The Bohemian, which is a Vegan / Vegetarian restaurant hidden away on Pink Lane. I had studied the menu prior to arriving, so I already had a pretty good idea on what I was going to be ordering.


For starters, most of us ordered the Garlic Mushroom Quesadilla which is pretty much what its name suggests. Garlic mushrooms and vegan mozzarella cheese folded in a flour tortia and grilled before being served with guacamole. It was amazing. This was my first time trying vegan cheese, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised with how nice it tasted.


In incredibly dull fashion I ordered the Mediterranean pizza for my main, which was basically cheese and tomato pizza. As far as I am aware the mozzarella on this pizza wasn’t vegan, and to be honest there wasn’t a lot of it, but this was fine as the pizza contained a generous amount of tomato sauce making it a lovely change from the cheese overloaded pizza’s I usually consume. I also tried some of the Mexican spiced pulled Jackfruit and instantly regretted the fact that I hadn’t taken the risk and ordered the Jackfruit fajita. Jackfruit is a weird thing, is it a fruit? Is it a vegetable? What is it? According to google it ‘is a species of tree in the fig, mulberry, and breadfruit family’ which ‘is often used as a meat substitute as it has a similar texture to chicken or pork’. So there you have it, I also agree with its comparison to pork, although visually it looked similar to tuna.

For dessert I had rum cheesecake as unfortunately they no longer had any cinnamon churros served with chocolate sauce left. Sad times.

The décor of the venue was quite cute, it seemed to have its own character about it and was very charming. The lights were turned down slightly, with Fleetwood Mac and Blondie playing in the background. Album art from the likes of Bob Marley to Grace Jones covered the walls, and there was even a small record stall in the corner. Usually my weird fashion sense stands out in chain restaurant’s but I felt quite at home here in my Teenage Mutant Ninja T-shirt, black skirt and ripped tights. All in all it was a lovely experience. Would I visit here again? 100%!