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TMNT & The Bohemian

So by now the legendary NE1 Restaurant week has been and unfortunately gone. I only managed to visit one restaurant this week, which is slightly devastating as all the menus on offer sounded absolutely amazing; however I need to try to save some money for our upcoming trip to LEGOLAND as I fear little legs will be wanting to end his day out with a Lego set or two.

I was accompanied by my wonderful work family to The Bohemian, which is a Vegan / Vegetarian restaurant hidden away on Pink Lane. I had studied the menu prior to arriving, so I already had a pretty good idea on what I was going to be ordering.


For starters, most of us ordered the Garlic Mushroom Quesadilla which is pretty much what its name suggests. Garlic mushrooms and vegan mozzarella cheese folded in a flour tortia and grilled before being served with guacamole. It was amazing. This was my first time trying vegan cheese, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised with how nice it tasted.


In incredibly dull fashion I ordered the Mediterranean pizza for my main, which was basically cheese and tomato pizza. As far as I am aware the mozzarella on this pizza wasn’t vegan, and to be honest there wasn’t a lot of it, but this was fine as the pizza contained a generous amount of tomato sauce making it a lovely change from the cheese overloaded pizza’s I usually consume. I also tried some of the Mexican spiced pulled Jackfruit and instantly regretted the fact that I hadn’t taken the risk and ordered the Jackfruit fajita. Jackfruit is a weird thing, is it a fruit? Is it a vegetable? What is it? According to google it ‘is a species of tree in the fig, mulberry, and breadfruit family’ which ‘is often used as a meat substitute as it has a similar texture to chicken or pork’. So there you have it, I also agree with its comparison to pork, although visually it looked similar to tuna.

For dessert I had rum cheesecake as unfortunately they no longer had any cinnamon churros served with chocolate sauce left. Sad times.

The décor of the venue was quite cute, it seemed to have its own character about it and was very charming. The lights were turned down slightly, with Fleetwood Mac and Blondie playing in the background. Album art from the likes of Bob Marley to Grace Jones covered the walls, and there was even a small record stall in the corner. Usually my weird fashion sense stands out in chain restaurant’s but I felt quite at home here in my Teenage Mutant Ninja T-shirt, black skirt and ripped tights. All in all it was a lovely experience. Would I visit here again? 100%!