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Lush April Haul


Just like uploading a new post, it has also been quite a while since I last placed an order with Lush. In fact, I think it was when the Valentine’s day products launched way back in January! So I think it is safe for you to assume that I went a little mad, but not too over the top. I also tried to steer clear of the seasonal products, however I did pick up two Golden Egg bath bomb melts and a Cream Egg bubbleroon to try out.

In fact, Milky Bath bubble bar and Cream Egg bubbleroon were the only two bubble making products I purchased this time which was a little out of the usual as I have always preferred my bubble baths to my bath bombs if truth be told. Milky Bath bubble bar just smells so clean which I know may sound a little stupid seeing as it is bubble bath but it just hasn’t got that heavy sickly scent some bath products often have attached to them. Cream egg on the other hand has a heavy peppermint fragrance that is very uplifting and I recommend you pick one of these little bubbleroons up to try from your local Lush store before they disappear for good.

After falling in love with Butter Bear bath bomb at Christmas, I decided to grab a Butterball bath bomb which has the exact same scent and moisturising properties as its Christmas counterpart. This little bath bomb is quite the steal coming in at just under £3, and it pairs fantastically with the Milky Bath bubble bar mentioned above.


Whilst scrolling through the bath bomb section of Lush’s webpage, I came to the conclusion that it would be a crime not to add these two adorable products to my basket. Not only do they both look and smell amazing, they have also both produced beautiful bath art when I have used them in the past. Although if truth be told I have a suspicion that Rocket Science  will be a dud as every time I pick this little guy up he is so soft and crumbly, however he smells fantastic! Like those blueberry sour laces you used to be able to get from your corner shop as a kid which also (fun fact) used to be my favorite sweets ever! Yellow Submarine on the other hand is more topical and fruity fragrance rather than overly sweet. Some people say the scent of this bath bomb reminds them of lemon sherbet sweets but personally this reminds me of Malibu and pineapple juice, which yes may just indicate that I have a bit of an alcohol problem.


Over and Over on the other hand actually reminds me of lemon sherbet’s as it has that sweet but almost sour citrus fragrance going on. The top orange layer is actually a coating of bath oil which made my skin feel lovely and soft when I last used this, and the bath art this product creates is mesmerizing as it rolls around spewing out vibrant yellow, orange and pink colours into the surrounding water. I know spewing isn’t the prettiest word to use here but trust me this bath bomb is amazing.


Guardians of the Forest. What can I say about this? It has a wonderful complex woody, slightly spicy fragrance going on. The first time I purchased this product I was taking a bit of a gamble if truth be told as I had never used products like Tramp or Grass and I wasn’t 100% sure I would be keen on this product at all but I fell in love instantly. It is however, a really difficult product to describe so I will firstly say it slightly reminds me of lord of misrule but less peppery, which is strange as I don’t think they have any ingredients similar at all, and secondly I would suggest trying this product out for yourself as it is so different to all the other citrus and sweet-smelling products you can typically find in store.


Lastly I decided to grab two products from the bath oil section. I have no idea what a bath oil is really, I imagine it’s something you pop into the bath and it will melt due to the heat of the water? I’m not sure… but at £2.50 a pop I thought why not find out? I picked up Furze which smells beautiful and very earthy. It also slightly reminds me of, and it sounds weird, when you walk into a garden centre greenhouse on a warm summers day. I also decided to purchase Cloak of Invisibility obviously because of the Harry Potter reference, however I am not so sure if I am keen on the fragrance of this if truth be told but I am still looking forward to trying it out.

And that is that. Would you like to see some posts about these products similar to the ones I uploaded back in October with a brief summary of how these products perform in the water? If so let me know in the comments section below! Also let me know what products you are currently using and loving from Lush this month.


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Lush Christmas Exclusives

Hello! Sorry I’ve been AWOL these past few months. Unfortunately a combination of both a busy work and personal life has left me with very little time to sit down and think of content ideas, never mind being able to actually get around to create, edit and eventually upload the ideas I originally had which kind of sucks. So I do apologise about this little bit of post-Christmas spam that will more than likely be a recurring theme throughout January.

I have decided to kick off my first post of 2018 by featuring the contents of my Lush Christmas exclusives order I received just over three weeks ago. A lot of this order was sent off to Santa for Little Legs Christmas box which also included a Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly and Plum Snow Bubble Bar.

IMG_20180104_143351_790 - Copy.jpg

I will admit, I did end up caving (despite being skint and on a ‘ban’) and grabbed myself two products that I just could not miss out on.  One of which was the iconic Yog Nog soap! When my order arrived at work, I pretty much spent 10 minutes walking around with this wonderful product under my nose as it has such a distinctive smell which I find overwhelmingly comforting. I can only assume it is due to the nutmeg found within the ingredients list which gives this soap a warming yet sweet scent which reminds me slightly of cinder toffee.

IMG_20180104_144510_587 - Copy.jpg

IMG_20180104_142707_194 - Copy.jpg

I will admit that Hot Toddy shower gel was a little bit of a disappointment at first as I was expecting a strong cinnamon scent similar to 93,000 miles, yet I was greeted by a more spicy sweet fragrance which I can only describe as a crossover between cola cube sweets and mulled wine. Once I got home though and used this in the shower I was instantly won over by the strong scent of cloves as well as the wonderful rich vibrant red colour of this product. I slightly regret only ordering one bottle of this uplifting shower gel and can only pray it makes a return in the not so distant future.

IMG_20180104_144141_450 - Copy

I will also admit that the only reason I picked up The Christmas Penguin bubble bar as pretty much because he looked a little bit cute and fit the Christmas theme. However, I wasn’t blown away with the ‘Bergamot and Sicilian lemon oils’ description as citrus seems to be such a recurring theme now with Lush and I was expecting a citrus punch to the face when this little guy arrived. However, to my surprise this little penguin seems to share a very similar scent to The Olive Branch shower gel but with a little bit more of a subtle sweetness to it. I also found that a small amount of this product creates a decent amount of bubbles which left my skin feeling incredibly moisturized after leaving the bath, which only Milky Bath and The Bearded Lady bubble bar have been able to do in the past.

IMG_20180104_143726_556 - Copy.jpg

Speaking of the Bearded Lady Bubble bar, Peeping Santa reminds me so much of that much missed product visually, yet scent wise this little guy couldn’t be anymore different if he tried. If you’re a fan of products such as Snow Fairy then I’m sure you will also be head over heels for this adorable little Santa who is from the same Yummy Mummy scent family that is usually popular around the spring time (or the D’Fluff shaving soap that is available all year around). I’m yet to find out how moisturizing or how many bubbles this little guy creates, but I can only assume that with the addition of both shea butter and cocoa butter included in the ingredients list, he won’t disappoint.

IMG_20180101_134919_673 - Copy.jpg

Last but not least, I also picked up these adorable Bombardino bath bombs. These little guys are quite small compared to your regular line bath bombs, however at £2.95 I decided to grab three and prayed they would smell wonderful. As always Lush didn’t disappoint and this slow fizzing bath bomb has a sweet vanilla fragrance, but not overpoweringly so like you find with Peeping Santa or as sickly sweet as Snow Fairy.

And that is that. I can’t believe that is the end of the Lush Christmas products for another year, but will admit that I have already placed an order online today for some of the upcoming Valentines Day range that I am very excited to receive and review. What items are on your wish list? or even better let me know what items you caved in and purchased from either the Christmas range or the Valentines Day range in the comments section below or on my Instagram.


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A Lush Halloween: Twilight Zone


Monsters Ball Bath Bomb

Last nights bath consisted of this adorable little cyclops monster who goes by the name of Monsters Ball. This bath bomb is back for a second year running and I have read wonderful reviews about how beautiful this bath bomb is, as well as how it is another product that is part of the Calacas scent family.

Upon hitting the water Monsters Ball instantly give off a striking display as the pastel pink ball rolled around the bath, before the royal blue innards begin to ooze from its core. This was an eye-catching colour contrast upon the water, yet I felt as if it created bath art similar to that of Lord of Misrule but in a weaker form, and unfortunately for me this bath bomb wasnt as spectacular as some of the other bath bombs from the Halloween collection.


I will however say that once the royal blue and pastel pink colours mix together within the water, they create this deep majestic purple colouring which is similar to the Twilight shower gel. The amount of lustre contained within this bath bomb is mesmerizing and I found myself at times hypnotised by the glitter dancing around within the violet-coloured water. Also, the eye of Monsters Ball bath bomb, which consisted of cocoa butter, had melted from the heat and had released an oil into the bath water. This oil had left a white film over the top of the water which had formed into various swirls and shapes. It wasnt until I looked back at the photos after I had left the bath that I noticed a lot of  these shapes resembled ghost like figures. This made this bath experience even more spooky and memorable.


Despite being fond of the Calacas fragrance from this bath bomb which admittedly did cling to my skin for a few hours, I can’t deny the fact that I personally found it a little weak in comparison to the Man on the Moon bubble bar. Also, despite the cocoa butter eye which is supposed to have moisturizing properties, I personally found that my skin felt very dry as well as tight after using this product.

So, crunch time. Would I buy Monsters Ball bath bomb again? I’m not actually sure. As hypnotizing and mesmerizing as the glitter laced bath water was, the fragrance was very faint in comparison to other products within the same scent family. That added with the fact that my skin didn’t feel moisturized after leaving the bath makes me feel as if this product isn’t suited to my skin needs. I would however suggest you try this bath bomb out so you can come to your own decision about this product, but it will not be a product I will be openly suggesting or pushing my friends and family into buying (like I do with ectoplasm jelly bomb).




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A Lush Halloween: Hubble Bubble Toil and Trouble


Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb

This wonderful little bath bomb may be my favourite product from the Halloween range which I admit has shocked me. With all the hype that surrounds Lord of Misrule and how much people harp on about it, I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did as I assumed it would be like the Halloween version of Snow Fairy.

I was drawn in by Lord of Misrule whilst looking at the ingredients list online, as it was described as a ‘mischievous bomb that features a spicy herbal blend of patchouli and black pepper oil.’ With one of my favourite Lush scents Karma also including Patchouli in its ingredients list I decided to give this bath bomb the benefit of the doubt and added one to my online order.

I wont lie, when it first arrived I was a little disappointed by how Lord of Misrule looked. Just this moss-green coloured bath bomb with a few speckles of pink dotted about. However, knowing not to judge a book by its cover, I popped this bath bomb into the tub one night and was bowled over by its spectacular bath art and the show it puts on.


As soon as it touched the water it started slowly frothing away its green outer layer, before rolling around in the bath. After a few moments pink tones start to appear and at this point I could smell both the patchouli and black pepper fragrance escaping into the air. It was after this that the bath bomb becomes truly iconic in my opinion and I will admit nothing prepared me for the beautiful magenta pink colour Lord of Misrule spews out or the sound of popping candy crackling away in the background, like a witches cauldron bubbling over creating the best bath art I have ever seen from a bath product to date.



The water ended up going a wonderful crimson red colour with a faint silver lustre. Also, the spicy, warm scent hung around for a long time, and clung to my skin for quite a while after leaving the bath.

Now the important part. Would I buy this bath bomb again. Hell Yes. After my experience with it I can now say that I 100% understand why this bath bomb is a cult favourite due to both the way it performs in the water and for how wonderful the fragrance is. This is going to be one of the few bath bombs I will be stocking up on this season and allowing myself to stash away to use throughout the year.


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A Lush Halloween: ‘Who You Gonna Call?’


Ectoplasm Jelly Bomb

Ectoplasm was first seen at the Lush summit at the beginning of the year and was the first jelly bomb to be shown to the public with a small amount being available to purchase as a limited edition product on the day. Fast forward a couple of months and Lush released four new jelly bombs, but ectoplasm was nowhere to be seen. It turned out we had to wait a month or two until the official launch of the Halloween range for this Ghostbusters inspired product to be released.

I picked up two of these jelly bombs on the day they were launched online back at the beginning of September, and after little legs used his I was a little apprehensive about using my own. Jelly bombs were never something that appealed to me as I didn’t want to sit in a bath full of slime regardless of how soft it would leave my skin feeling. I also wasn’t a huge fan of the smell of this bath bomb, it smelt rather bitter to me like how the white pith from an orange tastes.


When it came to eventually using Ectoplasm I decided to pair it with Man on the Moon bubble bar which is part of the Christmas range. Man on the Moon is part of the popular Calacas scent family and to me it smells strongly of limes, it also turns your water a glorious bright crisp green colour. The ingredients in this bubble bar combined with the grapefruit and tangerine oil found in Ecoplasm jelly bomb created a wonderful uplifting scent and cut through the bitterness of the tangerine oil that I originally found off putting.


As Ectoplasm dissolved it left a magnificent thick purple jelly that sat on the top of the lime green water creating a stunning contrasting colour combination that I have never seen from a bath product before. As the jelly oozed out from this bath bomb, it left a trail of coloured frothy bubbles in its wake and was mesmerising to watch. I will admit once the jelly settled it didn’t look as visually pleasing and looked a little like when mold grows in a pantry dish in a lab.  However, this disappeared after running my hand through the jelly which was incredibly fun to do, and brought out my inner child / nerd watching the thick slime collect in my hand and slowly drip back into the water below, which did remind me of when the ghost Slimmer slimmed Peter Venkman in the original Ghostbusters movie.



It also didn’t feel as disgusting as I had first anticipated, and not slimy at all. Instead it left the water feeling soft and my skin felt moisturised.

Would I buy this again? I’ll admit I’m not 100% sure. Yes it was fun but I’m still not convinced jelly bombs are for me. However, I can say that I would buy this product to gift to my friends and family. It seems to be one of those products that are really gross but really interesting at the same time as well as being incredibly fun to watch with the bath art it creates.

Let me know how you feel about Ecoplasm and if jelly bombs something that appeals to you or something you would rather steer clear of.





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A Lush Halloween: Dark Waters


Bewitched Bubble Bar
Secret Arts Jelly Bomb

Bewitched bubble bar was the one product I was looking forward to the most from this years Halloween range, yet it seems to be the one I was the most disappointed by. This adorable black cat with his piercing yellow eyes was said to share a similar scent to the Blackberry bath bomb Lush have recently discontinued, however I found it to be very weak in scent and I didn’t pick up any blackberry notes at all from this bubble bar. Due to being so underwhelmed by the scent of this product, I decided to also throw in my Dark Arts Jelly bomb (now known as secret arts) as I’m also not fond of that scent. I  wont lie, I mainly did this just to get rid of the two products in one go rather than to create some kind of spell binding bath cocktail.


The fragrances and ingredients in both of these products seemed to complement each other incredibly well and created a wonderful earthy berry scent at first and after a while settled into a calming fragrance which smelt strongly of marshmallow root with notes of chamomile in the background.

Dark / Secret Arts Jelly bomb didn’t create or leave behind a lot of jelly on the surface of the water, in fact there was next to non at all. I’m unsure if this was due to me adding a bubble bar to the bath or if my water was just too hot and the jelly dissolved instantly. It did however create a magical bath water experience, turning the dark purple water created by the Bewitched bubble bar into a pitch black colour where I was unable to see my hand once placed into the bath. There was also this beautiful silver lustre swirling around the water making it look a little bit like stars in the night sky.


The water was incredibly soft and left my skin feeling moisturizer moments after getting into the bath meaning I didn’t have to use a body moisturizer once I got out.

Would I buy these products again? In short no. I don’t think either of these products by themselves or combined are for me personally. However, having said that if Lush could create a shower gel or cream that re-created this calming marshmallow root with notes of chamomile scent then I would be willing to purchase that, yet paying almost £10 for a bath just to create new fragrance that I sort of like seems a little over the top to me.

Do you also feel a little bit let down by the scent of Betwitched bubble bar or has it turned out to be your favourite product this Halloween season? Let me know how you feel as always in the comments section below.






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Lush Newcastle Bloggers Breakfast: Part Two

Hello again and welcome to the second instalment of my Lush Newcastle bloggers breakfast series. If you missed part one do not fret, you can find the link here. Today’s post is going to be a run down of the various bath bombs and bubble bars found within both of this years Halloween and Christmas range that are now available in-store.


Starting with the Halloween range, the one product that stood out for me was the most adorable little black cat bubble bar with piercing yellow eyes which goes by the name of Bewitched. We were informed that this unlucky kitty was inspired by the original Bewitched TV show that aired back in the late 60’s / early 70’s. It  contains both olibanum and beaumont oil in its ingredients list and has a similar scent to the recently discontinued Blackberry bath bomb which has been a fan favourite for years, as well as being one of the first bath bombs created by Lush.


When it comes to the Christmas range however I find it a little more difficult to pin point a favourite bubble bar due to how many wonderful and almost mouth-watering fragrances are on offer. This year we see Lush offer up nine bubble bars, including one named Man On The Moon which has a similar scent to the ever popular Calacas fragrance. There is also a bubble bar which is shaped like an adorable little Snowman as well as My Two Front Teeth bubble bar which is packed with lavender oil, vanilla absolute and tonka absolute. To me this smells like a cross over of The Comforter with a  hint of Sleepy body lotion, however I’ve seen a lot of people grouping it in with the Think Pink scent family. Plum Snow is also a new bubble bar added to the range this year, which is heavily based on the shower gel Plum Rain.

This season both Candy Mountain and Christmas Eve bubble bar make a return to the Christmas line up and we also see the return of both Magic Wand and Magic of Christmas reusable bubble bars. Magic Wand is a fan favourite as it is part of the Snow Fairy scent family, however my favourite of the two is Magic of Christmas which has captured the fragrance of Christmas perfectly and is a must have this festive season.


As if these spectacular bubble bars weren’t enough to choose from, Lush Newcastle also have a huge array of bath bombs on offer. This year we see old favourites mixed in with some new products and there are even a few regular line items that have had a Christmas make over, looking at you Butterbear. Luxury Lush Pud is also available this year and is part of the twilight scent family meaning it will be a firm favourite over the next few months. The staff at Lush Newcastle demoed this bath bomb for us so we could see first hand the magnificent bath art this creates. We were told after they added Luxury Lush Pud to the water that the polka dots that decorate this product are actually  miniature bath bombs which helps to create such a striking show in the water.


Golden Wonder bath bomb is also back for Christmas 2017 with two sizes available this year. In-store you will find the smaller of the two sizes, which is actually a little larger than your regular bath bomb. This shares a similar citrus like scent with Bubbly shower gel as well as the discontinued Snow Showers shower jelly that I am lucky enough to own. I must admit that this was the first time I have seen Golden Wonder in action, and it created a beautiful, dark, mermaid green water with an incredible amount of lustre.


This year we also see two new bath bombs added to the Christmas range which are Thundersnow and Christmas Sweater. I have been looking forward to the release of Christmas Sweater since the Lush Showcase as it was described as having a spicy cinnamon scent to it and is related to my favourite Lush scent, Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar.


This Halloween and Christmas range also sees the first of the festive Jelly Bombs with both Ectoplasm and Snow Fairy available to purchase. Ectoplasm is part of the Halloween range and is based on Slimmer from the movie Ghostbusters. This jelly bomb turns your  water an electric green colour with contrasting thick purple jelly which helps to soften the water. Snow fairy is obviously another product which is part of the Snow Fairy scent family, and this jelly bomb is a lot softer in comparison to Ectoplasm due to the jelly not being as thick and gloopy but more soft and fluffy. This would make it an ideal jelly bomb to try first if you were curious yet a little unsure about this new innovation.


The Halloween range this year is also full of previous fan favourites including the popular Lord of Misrule bath bomb which has a wonderful spicy scent due to the black pepper and patchouli oil it contains. This bath bomb also shares a similar scent with the Monsters and Aliens Fun bar that is part of the Lush regular line found in-store all year around, and also comes in shower gel form during the Halloween period. We also see a return of the Pumpkin bath bomb that has undertones of both vanilla and cinnamon which creates a homely like smell I personally associate with Autumn harvest cooking and baking. Monsters Ball again is another product back this season that also shares the Calacas scent along with Man on the Moon bubble bar that is mentioned above.


I would like to thank Lush Newcastle for inviting me along to this wonderful event they hosted in-store on the day of their festive launch. I may have picked up a few items before I left the store, as well as being gifted some incredible products from the team, so look out for a Lush haul post in the next few days which I will link here. Also let me know what items you have already picked up in the comments section below, as well as what you are looking forward to trying from both of these ranges.