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Favourite Christmas Eve PJs

I honestly think I own more sets of PJs then I do going out outfits, I am like the queen of Pjs with how many I own, and every time I try to have a clear out I can not for the life of me part with any of them! So the last thing I need for Christmas is more PJs. HOWEVER, I’m pretty sure it is some unwritten law that you must have a new set of PJs for Santa coming! I have honestly known myself to run around on Christmas Eve after work just to pick up some new PJs for myself if I haven’t done so already. Little Leg’s PJs are always bought well in advance and are wrapped up and delivered on Christmas Eve evening.

So here are a few PJ’s that have caught my eye this December.


Next’s Family Sprout PJ


Next Family Penguin Pjs



Next’s Classic Black Penguin Pjs


Next Ghost Pjs
(My Christmas Eve Pjs)



Asos Cany Cane Pjs



Asos wide legged polka dot Pjs



Asos Star Wide Legged Pjs



Debenhams Reindeer PJs





All of these images are from the websites I have linked to and are not my own. Also none of these links have been sponsored, just PJs I really like when scrolling through various websites. Happy Shopping! 

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Irregular choice Halloween collection


My god how long has it been since I last wrote a post about shoes? That’s quite sad considering that this was the subject that kick started my blogging adventure over a year and a bit ago.

So why are shoes appearing in the middle of my blogtober posts you may be wondering? Well, that is because these shoes aren’t just any bog standard normal shoes. No these are Halloween themed, glitter entrusted shoes, I mean what more do you need?

There are three shoes in this collection, and it is the first time Irregular Choice have created a Halloween collection as far as I am aware, which is strange considering they are a brand who have always embraced quirky and unique styles over the years.


Batty For You have a similar heel unit and heel size to that of Mal-e-bow and Ascot which have both been incredibly popular styles over the years. On the front of the right shoe you have a metallic spiders web with little gemstone embellishments, and on the left shoe you find the spider who created the web. The main feature of this shoe is the bat wings found at the back of the heel which contains wires so you can manipulate the wings to sit how you would like them to, be that flush up against the shoe or sticking out as if you are about to take flight.


Next up are probably my favourite from this tiny collection which are called Mrs Webb. These black velvet shoes have a small heel unit that is similar to the popular design Ban Joe and they also feature a T-bar that resembles a glittery spider web complete with a tiny spider at the top. There is also another silver-embroidered spider’s web found at the back of the shoe that runs down the heel unit as well as glitter and silver little gem stones that have also been dotted all over the velvet uppers. Lastly, and what makes this shoe stand out to me personally is the metallic pumpkin orange trim that runs around the shoe and sole unit. Fantastic!


The last of this collection is the Incy Wincy flats that don’t seem to scream Halloween season in the same way as the other two heels do, however they are just equally as striking in their own right, and are a style you could wear throughout the year. A web laced mesh sits over a silver metallic upper with sequence that catches the light as you walk. There is also a rather large orange metallic and black matte bow that sits on the front of the shoe and looks incredibly cute. The tiny little heel is also glitter encrusted and has an orange heel tip which again complements the shoe nicely.

Now, even though that is the entire Irregular choice Halloween collection I feel I must also mention the Miaow boots which is a core classic to the Irregular Choice brand. This was the first IC shoe I fell in love with over a decade ago and it definitely has a witch like vibe going on, and the silhouette of this boot gives me hocus pocus vibes. There is also a cat broach sitting on the outside of the upper which has the most amazing amber gemstone eyes which is the perfect finishing touch to this iconic boot.

Which of these are your favourites for this Halloween season? Let me know in the comments below!




Note: All the above images are Irregular Choices photos and I have taken them from the Irregular Choice FaceBook page, because I’ve been mega busy at work and I haven’t had a chance to take my own photos. Very sorry! 

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Favourites From My Pin Collection

Today’s post is quite an easy one as I thought it would be nice to talk about my current favourite pins and where I have purchased them from. I am not entirely sure which is my overall favourite because they are all pretty awesome (I am sure you will agree). Since I am forever on the hunt for new accessories please link me to any little gems you may have found online.


First up is my adorable little Petit Four pin which I got from Pink Peach Pins on Etsy. This pin is about the same size as a 50 pence piece and is a beautiful pastel pink colour. I tend to wear it on Tuesday’s seeing as that is currently the official day of cake until the GBBO is over and done with for another year.


Little sloth! I love this pin with all my heart! Just look how cute he is! This little sloth pin was purchased from Shop Zoki on Etsy on a week where I shouldn’t have been spending money on pins. However, Pepper as I have named him won me over with his cute little dinosaur pool float but I will end up buying more sloth pins from this store over time just you watch!


Pastel Crayons is another pin I picked up from Pink Peach Pins at the same time as the Petit Four. I grabbed these as LL’s is forever drawing and as soon as I seen them I instantly thought of him and his passion for art. I wear them with pride and they look pretty bloody cool as well!


This Loki & Thor chained pin set is the bloody bomb! Look at it! I love them both so much as they are totally adorable. I picked these up from Etsy again but this time from Teano Sugar who’s shop is fantastic. As a fan of all things marvel I knew I had to have them as soon as I seen them advertised on Instagram.


Lastly but most definitely not least is my baby Spyro! I purchased him from Ohayou! clothing who have the most adorable pins ever, and this Spyro pin is the biggest of all of my pins by far. I can’t wait to pick up more pins from Ohayou! and I am currently eyeing up toothless the dragon to add to my collection.