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A Lush Halloween: Twilight Zone


Monsters Ball Bath Bomb

Last nights bath consisted of this adorable little cyclops monster who goes by the name of Monsters Ball. This bath bomb is back for a second year running and I have read wonderful reviews about how beautiful this bath bomb is, as well as how it is another product that is part of the Calacas scent family.

Upon hitting the water Monsters Ball instantly give off a striking display as the pastel pink ball rolled around the bath, before the royal blue innards begin to ooze from its core. This was an eye-catching colour contrast upon the water, yet I felt as if it created bath art similar to that of Lord of Misrule but in a weaker form, and unfortunately for me this bath bomb wasnt as spectacular as some of the other bath bombs from the Halloween collection.


I will however say that once the royal blue and pastel pink colours mix together within the water, they create this deep majestic purple colouring which is similar to the Twilight shower gel. The amount of lustre contained within this bath bomb is mesmerizing and I found myself at times hypnotised by the glitter dancing around within the violet-coloured water. Also, the eye of Monsters Ball bath bomb, which consisted of cocoa butter, had melted from the heat and had released an oil into the bath water. This oil had left a white film over the top of the water which had formed into various swirls and shapes. It wasnt until I looked back at the photos after I had left the bath that I noticed a lot of  these shapes resembled ghost like figures. This made this bath experience even more spooky and memorable.


Despite being fond of the Calacas fragrance from this bath bomb which admittedly did cling to my skin for a few hours, I can’t deny the fact that I personally found it a little weak in comparison to the Man on the Moon bubble bar. Also, despite the cocoa butter eye which is supposed to have moisturizing properties, I personally found that my skin felt very dry as well as tight after using this product.

So, crunch time. Would I buy Monsters Ball bath bomb again? I’m not actually sure. As hypnotizing and mesmerizing as the glitter laced bath water was, the fragrance was very faint in comparison to other products within the same scent family. That added with the fact that my skin didn’t feel moisturized after leaving the bath makes me feel as if this product isn’t suited to my skin needs. I would however suggest you try this bath bomb out so you can come to your own decision about this product, but it will not be a product I will be openly suggesting or pushing my friends and family into buying (like I do with ectoplasm jelly bomb).




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A Lush Halloween: Hubble Bubble Toil and Trouble


Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb

This wonderful little bath bomb may be my favourite product from the Halloween range which I admit has shocked me. With all the hype that surrounds Lord of Misrule and how much people harp on about it, I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did as I assumed it would be like the Halloween version of Snow Fairy.

I was drawn in by Lord of Misrule whilst looking at the ingredients list online, as it was described as a ‘mischievous bomb that features a spicy herbal blend of patchouli and black pepper oil.’ With one of my favourite Lush scents Karma also including Patchouli in its ingredients list I decided to give this bath bomb the benefit of the doubt and added one to my online order.

I wont lie, when it first arrived I was a little disappointed by how Lord of Misrule looked. Just this moss-green coloured bath bomb with a few speckles of pink dotted about. However, knowing not to judge a book by its cover, I popped this bath bomb into the tub one night and was bowled over by its spectacular bath art and the show it puts on.


As soon as it touched the water it started slowly frothing away its green outer layer, before rolling around in the bath. After a few moments pink tones start to appear and at this point I could smell both the patchouli and black pepper fragrance escaping into the air. It was after this that the bath bomb becomes truly iconic in my opinion and I will admit nothing prepared me for the beautiful magenta pink colour Lord of Misrule spews out or the sound of popping candy crackling away in the background, like a witches cauldron bubbling over creating the best bath art I have ever seen from a bath product to date.



The water ended up going a wonderful crimson red colour with a faint silver lustre. Also, the spicy, warm scent hung around for a long time, and clung to my skin for quite a while after leaving the bath.

Now the important part. Would I buy this bath bomb again. Hell Yes. After my experience with it I can now say that I 100% understand why this bath bomb is a cult favourite due to both the way it performs in the water and for how wonderful the fragrance is. This is going to be one of the few bath bombs I will be stocking up on this season and allowing myself to stash away to use throughout the year.


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A Lush Halloween: ‘Who You Gonna Call?’


Ectoplasm Jelly Bomb

Ectoplasm was first seen at the Lush summit at the beginning of the year and was the first jelly bomb to be shown to the public with a small amount being available to purchase as a limited edition product on the day. Fast forward a couple of months and Lush released four new jelly bombs, but ectoplasm was nowhere to be seen. It turned out we had to wait a month or two until the official launch of the Halloween range for this Ghostbusters inspired product to be released.

I picked up two of these jelly bombs on the day they were launched online back at the beginning of September, and after little legs used his I was a little apprehensive about using my own. Jelly bombs were never something that appealed to me as I didn’t want to sit in a bath full of slime regardless of how soft it would leave my skin feeling. I also wasn’t a huge fan of the smell of this bath bomb, it smelt rather bitter to me like how the white pith from an orange tastes.


When it came to eventually using Ectoplasm I decided to pair it with Man on the Moon bubble bar which is part of the Christmas range. Man on the Moon is part of the popular Calacas scent family and to me it smells strongly of limes, it also turns your water a glorious bright crisp green colour. The ingredients in this bubble bar combined with the grapefruit and tangerine oil found in Ecoplasm jelly bomb created a wonderful uplifting scent and cut through the bitterness of the tangerine oil that I originally found off putting.


As Ectoplasm dissolved it left a magnificent thick purple jelly that sat on the top of the lime green water creating a stunning contrasting colour combination that I have never seen from a bath product before. As the jelly oozed out from this bath bomb, it left a trail of coloured frothy bubbles in its wake and was mesmerising to watch. I will admit once the jelly settled it didn’t look as visually pleasing and looked a little like when mold grows in a pantry dish in a lab.  However, this disappeared after running my hand through the jelly which was incredibly fun to do, and brought out my inner child / nerd watching the thick slime collect in my hand and slowly drip back into the water below, which did remind me of when the ghost Slimmer slimmed Peter Venkman in the original Ghostbusters movie.



It also didn’t feel as disgusting as I had first anticipated, and not slimy at all. Instead it left the water feeling soft and my skin felt moisturised.

Would I buy this again? I’ll admit I’m not 100% sure. Yes it was fun but I’m still not convinced jelly bombs are for me. However, I can say that I would buy this product to gift to my friends and family. It seems to be one of those products that are really gross but really interesting at the same time as well as being incredibly fun to watch with the bath art it creates.

Let me know how you feel about Ecoplasm and if jelly bombs something that appeals to you or something you would rather steer clear of.





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Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Campaign Beauty Box

2017 marks 25 years since Evelyn H. Lauder and Alexander Penney created The Pink Ribbon which is now an easily identifiable logo of Breast Cancer Awareness.  These little pink bows were originally given out back in 1992 at department store beauty counters to remind woman to check their breasts regularly. Something that some of us, both males and females, still neglect to do to this day.


This October, which is a month dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness, Esteee Lauder launched a limited edition beauty box featuring eight products all from well known beauty brands worth £91 for the bargain price of £25. Yes you read that correctly, £25. Better still, £15 from each sale goes straight towards the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

With the recent birth of beauty box culture within the younger generations, I think this is a fantastic way to promote Breast Cancer awareness to all ages as well as a wonderful way to raise cash for this worthwhile charity. I also hope that this post will inspire you to check yourself regularly and to make a doctors appointment if you feel as if something is wrong. As embarrassing as it may be having to discuss and show your boobs to somebody for all  of 5 minutes, it is something that may just save your life. Also get your smear done regularly, this is something else that is close to my heart.

Anyway, enough of me pretending to be your mother, lets have a look at the contents of this beauty box.


The front of this beauty box has the iconic pink ribbon, looking a little aged with the statement ’25 years ago, there was no pink ribbon. Time to end breast cancer’ written in bold text. Underneath it asks you to help ‘support our mission to create a breast cancer-free world’ and inside the box your find a small information leaflet with a handful of facts about breast cancer such as how ‘1 in 8 women, in the UK will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lifetime.’* and that ‘31% of cancers diagnosed in woman are breast cancer.’** The leaflet also goes on to tell you about the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


Lets take a look at the products look inside.


First Up is the 7ml Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Foam Cleanser / Purifying Mask. This promises to gently remove makeup and other impurities as well as unclogging pores, it also states that it is ideal for normal / combination skin, and that you can use this as a daily cleanser or twice a week as a 3 minute purifying mask. I think I’m more likely to use this as a mask, and will probably featuring it at some point in my Face Mask Friday series. It’s pale ivory in colour and quite thick and tacky in texture, it also smells relatively pleasant.

This box also contains a full sized 15ml Clinique all about the eyes lightweight eye cream. This promises to diminish the appearance of puffy eyes, darkness and fine lines. So hopefully it will work wonders on me when I come to use it considering I currently resemble a raccoon. It is quite thin in texture, and doesn’t have an obvious fragrance to it. The product also left the back of my hand feeling like velvet so fingers crossed it will bear similar results with my eyes.


Another Clinique product in this box is a full sized Chubby Stick. I’ve used these lip products before mainly during the colder months as it provides instant hydration to your lips and leaves a subtle tint of colour behind. This lip pencil is in the colour number 07 Super Strawberry.


Origins have included a 15ml re-texturing mask with rose clay which claims to be a 2-in-1 masking game changer. The ‘Rose clay deeply cleans while jojoba beads exfoliate to refine the appearance of skin’. This mask is pale pink in colour, and very thick however once spread across my hand I could see and feel the exfoliation beads. This mask also doesn’t smell like rose like you would expect. This will be another product I feature on Face Mask Friday in the upcoming weeks.


There is also a 7ml pot of Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base included in this box. I am a little excited for this product I must admit, as at a consultation at the Bobbi Brown make up counters this was applied to my face and felt very nourishing and I was told it was an oil free primer-moisturiser hybrid which was also one of their best selling products. I’ve wanted to pick this product up for a little while so I am over the moon to be able to see how my skin reacts before I splurge on a full size version of this product.


This box also includes a 14g pot of Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-Powder. The front of the bottle states that this is ‘equal parts dry shampoo, style extender and volume all in  pinch.’ Not much to say about this, it smells pleasant and slightly floral and I look forward to using it in place of my current Lush no drought dry shampoo to see what the results are.


No beauty box is complete without including a mascara, and this one contains the SmashBox Full Exposure Mascara which states that it helps to both volumise and lengthen lashes with no clumps and no flakes. Bold claim. I look forward to putting it to the test.


Last but in no means least, there is a 15g GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment. Apparently this ‘scientifically advanced clearing treatment’ will ‘help fight common skin concerns and give super clear, super poreless looking skin.’ Once again bold claims that I will test out and feature in my face mask Friday series soon. First impressions, this was very liquidy and very thin in texture. It smelt slightly of tea tree oil or peppermint oil, I’m unsure which as the fragrance vanished fairly quickly and left behind a liquorice like scent.

This has turned into quite a long post, so I wont write too much more. I will say I think this box was fantastic value for money as I will be able to test out products I wouldn’t usually purchase to see if I think they are worth the price tag the full size versions carry. I also feel less guilty spending £25 knowing that £15 will be going towards a good cause.

Once again I urge you to take care of your health and to check yourself regularly and visit all appointments and checkups you may be due. I would rather have this post influence you to do that then to go out and buy certain product. However, if you want to do both then I picked up my box from Clinique but it is also available from Estee Lauder , Bumble & Bumble , Smashbox and GlamGlow.




*Source breast cancer UK
** source breast cancer UK


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Lush Newcastle Bloggers Breakfast: Part Two

Hello again and welcome to the second instalment of my Lush Newcastle bloggers breakfast series. If you missed part one do not fret, you can find the link here. Today’s post is going to be a run down of the various bath bombs and bubble bars found within both of this years Halloween and Christmas range that are now available in-store.


Starting with the Halloween range, the one product that stood out for me was the most adorable little black cat bubble bar with piercing yellow eyes which goes by the name of Bewitched. We were informed that this unlucky kitty was inspired by the original Bewitched TV show that aired back in the late 60’s / early 70’s. It  contains both olibanum and beaumont oil in its ingredients list and has a similar scent to the recently discontinued Blackberry bath bomb which has been a fan favourite for years, as well as being one of the first bath bombs created by Lush.


When it comes to the Christmas range however I find it a little more difficult to pin point a favourite bubble bar due to how many wonderful and almost mouth-watering fragrances are on offer. This year we see Lush offer up nine bubble bars, including one named Man On The Moon which has a similar scent to the ever popular Calacas fragrance. There is also a bubble bar which is shaped like an adorable little Snowman as well as My Two Front Teeth bubble bar which is packed with lavender oil, vanilla absolute and tonka absolute. To me this smells like a cross over of The Comforter with a  hint of Sleepy body lotion, however I’ve seen a lot of people grouping it in with the Think Pink scent family. Plum Snow is also a new bubble bar added to the range this year, which is heavily based on the shower gel Plum Rain.

This season both Candy Mountain and Christmas Eve bubble bar make a return to the Christmas line up and we also see the return of both Magic Wand and Magic of Christmas reusable bubble bars. Magic Wand is a fan favourite as it is part of the Snow Fairy scent family, however my favourite of the two is Magic of Christmas which has captured the fragrance of Christmas perfectly and is a must have this festive season.


As if these spectacular bubble bars weren’t enough to choose from, Lush Newcastle also have a huge array of bath bombs on offer. This year we see old favourites mixed in with some new products and there are even a few regular line items that have had a Christmas make over, looking at you Butterbear. Luxury Lush Pud is also available this year and is part of the twilight scent family meaning it will be a firm favourite over the next few months. The staff at Lush Newcastle demoed this bath bomb for us so we could see first hand the magnificent bath art this creates. We were told after they added Luxury Lush Pud to the water that the polka dots that decorate this product are actually  miniature bath bombs which helps to create such a striking show in the water.


Golden Wonder bath bomb is also back for Christmas 2017 with two sizes available this year. In-store you will find the smaller of the two sizes, which is actually a little larger than your regular bath bomb. This shares a similar citrus like scent with Bubbly shower gel as well as the discontinued Snow Showers shower jelly that I am lucky enough to own. I must admit that this was the first time I have seen Golden Wonder in action, and it created a beautiful, dark, mermaid green water with an incredible amount of lustre.


This year we also see two new bath bombs added to the Christmas range which are Thundersnow and Christmas Sweater. I have been looking forward to the release of Christmas Sweater since the Lush Showcase as it was described as having a spicy cinnamon scent to it and is related to my favourite Lush scent, Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar.


This Halloween and Christmas range also sees the first of the festive Jelly Bombs with both Ectoplasm and Snow Fairy available to purchase. Ectoplasm is part of the Halloween range and is based on Slimmer from the movie Ghostbusters. This jelly bomb turns your  water an electric green colour with contrasting thick purple jelly which helps to soften the water. Snow fairy is obviously another product which is part of the Snow Fairy scent family, and this jelly bomb is a lot softer in comparison to Ectoplasm due to the jelly not being as thick and gloopy but more soft and fluffy. This would make it an ideal jelly bomb to try first if you were curious yet a little unsure about this new innovation.


The Halloween range this year is also full of previous fan favourites including the popular Lord of Misrule bath bomb which has a wonderful spicy scent due to the black pepper and patchouli oil it contains. This bath bomb also shares a similar scent with the Monsters and Aliens Fun bar that is part of the Lush regular line found in-store all year around, and also comes in shower gel form during the Halloween period. We also see a return of the Pumpkin bath bomb that has undertones of both vanilla and cinnamon which creates a homely like smell I personally associate with Autumn harvest cooking and baking. Monsters Ball again is another product back this season that also shares the Calacas scent along with Man on the Moon bubble bar that is mentioned above.


I would like to thank Lush Newcastle for inviting me along to this wonderful event they hosted in-store on the day of their festive launch. I may have picked up a few items before I left the store, as well as being gifted some incredible products from the team, so look out for a Lush haul post in the next few days which I will link here. Also let me know what items you have already picked up in the comments section below, as well as what you are looking forward to trying from both of these ranges.



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Lush Newcastle Bloggers Breakfast: Part 1

On Friday 6th October I was given the wonderful opportunity to attend a bloggers breakfast event held by Lush Newcastle which enabled me to have a first look at both the new Halloween and Christmas range that launched in-store on the same day, as well as getting the low down on some of their highly debated naked shower products.


Admittedly, I have been quite excited for all three of these new ranges since the unveiling at the Lush Summit held at the beginning of September, and although I have placed a cheeky online order here and there I have been waiting patiently for the main bulk of these products to arrive in my local store. So to be invited along for a sneak peek was a dream come true, even if I did struggle with the 6am alarm.

Staff at Lush Newcastle however, didn’t seem to struggle with the early start at all and lifted everybody spirits as soon as the doors opened. The staff were incredibly welcoming (as always) and had even arranged for vegan pizza from Pizza Storm to be delivered for our breakfast. Who ever thought of pizza for breakfast seriously needs a pay rise, and oh my  what a pizza it was! We had a large variety to choose from and I opted for a slice of the spinach, mushroom and courgette pizza and it tasted sensational.


 After breakfast, we were shown the large array of shower products on offer this season, including the festive shower jellies as well as new naked shower gel formats. The new naked solid shower gels are the most recent invention from lush, which is basically made in the same way as your traditional liquid shower gels but with the water content removed. I know there is a lot of discussion at the moment about is this or is this not just soap, but quite frankly anything you wash with is soap if you think about it, be it in liquid or solid form. I admit when this first launched online I was a little bit underwhelmed and refused to buy into this ‘fad’ however, I now own three bottles of solid shower gel. I’ve decided to write-up a separate post going into more detail about the formula of this product within the next week rather than consume this post with my opinion. However I strongly suggest you go in store, talk to your local Lush team and pick one of these products in your favourite scents and give it ago. You wont be disappointed.

IMG_20171010_222052_661Snow Fairy

But fear not! The liquid shower gels you know and love are also available in-store and I’m told they wont be going anywhere anytime soon. You can find traditional fan favourites back once again such as Snow Fairy and the highly sort after Twilight. Bubbly which is my favourite festive shower gel has also returned, and we also see the arrival of two exciting new scents which is Berry Berry shower gel and Santa’s Christmas.

IMG_20171010_221757_725.jpgBerry Berry

IMG_20171010_221343_579.jpgSanta’s Christmas

Berry Berry allegedly smells very similar to Plum Rain which is one of my favourite lush fragrances, however I personally find this scent less tart and more sweet which I assume is due to the blueberries and cranberries that have been added to this formula.  Fans of Santa Baby lip scrub can also rejoice in the new Santa’s Christmas shower gel which shares the similar vanilla coke like scent.


This year we also see the launch of the new naked body conditioners which are on offer this season in just three scents which are Snow fairy, Bucks fizz and Christingle. I didn’t end up picking one of these up, however I would like to grab one of these before the festive season is out. I am actually more attracted to the naked versions of this product then I am the  black potted version as the smell was a lot stronger and it seemed easier to use when I tested it out in-store in comparison to body conditioners I have used straight from the black pots in the past. I was also told that they hold up incredibly well after being used a few times and are a lot less messy than their liquid counter parts.


Lush have really stepped up their game this year when it comes to their festive Soap line. Golden Pear may be my favourite seasonal item released this year, and is literally the size of a real life pear. It contains pear puree in its ingredients list along with murumuru butter which helps to moisturize and soften your skin.


Hidden Mountain is also debuting this year and as well as it having a Lord Of the Rings theme (‘One soap to rule them all’) it also smells like the ever popular tramp shower gel. Tramp was a fan favourite that sadly was discontinued a while back and caused uproar with Lush fans worldwide who demanded it be re-instated. This soap has a more earthy smell to is and contains both oak moss extract and lavender oil, and is a wonderful alternative to the usual sweeter smells that are released during the festive period.



We also see fan favourites back this year such as Baked Alaska which has a layer of popping candy on the outside, as well as shooting stars which allegedly glows in the dark! Snowcake is also back this year but a little more grown up and going by the name of Saucy Snowcake.

With all of these options in soap and shower products alone you would think Lush had outdone themselves with choice yet again. However, we still have the bath range to go.

Pop back tomorrow evening for a run down of the much-anticipated Halloween bath bomb and Christmas bubble bar range.
Lush Newcastle Bloggers Breakfast: Part Two


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Burger Thursday: Fat Hippo Underground

Working in Newcastle City Centre, especially inside the historic Grainger Market, means I am inundated with choice when it comes to choosing what to eat for dinner. This is not always a blessing as some days we end up so spoilt for choice we don’t know what we want to eat at all. First world problems at its finest.

After years of visiting some of these wonderful little restaurants and Cafés I decided why not dedicate a section of my page to the best places to grab some take out lunch on a weekday, which may help you decide where to go if you ever find yourself needing a quick bite to eat if in Newcastle.

So, at work on a Thursday we always tend to run out and grab a burger. For a few months this just meant toddling over to McDonalds to grab a Big Mac meal or whatever else we fancied on that day. However, this week we decided to step up our game and try out the Fat Hippo Underground’s Fast Hippo menu.

The Fast Hippo is a lunch time menu that is available from 12-4pm Monday to Thursday and 11-4pm on a Friday. There are five options on the menu to choose from and as well as a burger you also get a side of hand cut chips. All options are priced at £6 however for an extra £1 you can upgrade your chips to sweet potato fries or to Dirty Fries. Obviously I upgraded for Dirty Fries.


We decided to order the Little Texas burger which was a single 4oz patty, topped with bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce with a side of dirty fries. My life, this was the best burger and fries combo I have had in months! I’m not usually a fan of meat as I always find gristle in whatever I eat, so much so that my parents will tell you I can find fat in a salad. Yet I ate this entire burger and not once did I find anything that would put me off eating it. The burger literally melted in my mouth and was incredibly juicy, the BBQ sauce that again I usually avoid give this burger a wonderful smokey like flavour which combined with the cheese and bacon made this a delight to eat.

The Dirty Fries ended up being a generous sized pot of, you guessed it, fries smothered in Fat Hippo sauce and topped with bacon pieces. I often feel that fries are neglected when accompanying a main dish, yet Fat Hippo Underground have turned them from a dull side order and into dish of their own which is on par with the burger and quite frankly battles to be the main highlight of the meal.

Considering the dirty fries alone on the main menu cost £4.50,  I personally think £7 for both a burger and fries to this high of a standard is well worth the price. The service was also incredibly speedy which is what you need when you find yourself rushed for time on your lunch break.

I am counting down the days and looking forward to my next order from the Fast Hippo menu.

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September Favourites

Okay, so this Post is one day late as I convinced myself Monday was the start of October. This month I have found lots of new products that are both exciting and unusual, as well as finding brands I wish I had discovered earlier.


First up is Soapy J cosmetics, which is a handmade vegan friendly cosmetics company based in Manchester. A friend of mine visited the store at the beginning of the month and picked me up two Harry Potter bath bombs and one Pokémon bath bomb. Unfortunately, I was unable to use any of them as Little Legs was so taken by them he claimed all three products for himself and has since begged me to order him more. Soapy J doesn’t have a website at the moment that I can link you towards, however I fully recommend following them on their Instagram or Facebook pages as these bath bombs are the most unique bath products I have found for a while. The element of both suspense and surprise brings out your inner child as you wait to discover what character is concealed at the heart of your product. However, I do recommend hiding a few for yourself if you also have a Little Legs running around the house.

IMG_20170913_224720_159Urban Decay – Gold Griot Palette

This month I also picked up the Urban Decay x Jean-Michel Basquiat Gold Griot palette which you can find a more in-depth review here. I have really enjoyed playing with the colours in this palette this month and creating various looks from the eight highly pigmented shades found inside.

IMG_20171001_162412_222.jpgLush – Wiccy Magic Muscles

My favourite Lush product this month has to be the Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage bar. I picked this up along with a few other massage bars for a future post after reading wonderful reviews about how fantastic this product is for painful muscles. Fun fact, my body likes to think it belongs to a 90-year-old and I suffer from back ache daily (hence all the hot baths and my crazy bath product collection). The fragrance of this product is similar to 93,000 miles shower jelly which Lush has sadly now discontinued but it has to be my favourite Lush scent to date, it even beats Karma and Plum Rain and that takes some effort! It is a calming, warming and comforting fragrance and I wish Lush would bring more products out to add to this scent family. If they ever release a perfume version of this scent, I think I may be permanently poor but forever grateful (hint hint Lush).

Vitamin C Moisturiser
Himalayan Charcoal Mask

The Body Shop seems to have taken over my face care routine this month, with two of their products featuring in my favourites lineup. First up is the Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow mask which is a clay based and I will admit it felt a little funny the first time I used it after weeks of using Jelly Face Masks. This mask has been infused with bamboo charcoal, green tea leaves to help exfoliate your skin and tea tree oil which is well-known for helping to treat acne. After using this mask my skin seems brighter and clearer, however to stop my skin from over producing oil after using this mask I follow it with my second skin care favourite the month which is The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting moisturizer which helps to hydrate my skin. Moisturizer is something my skin hates with a passion, no matter what I use or what the product promises I am always left with this awful greasy film over my skin. The Vitamin C moisturizer however is a gel formula and absorbs into my skin quickly leaving it both silky smooth but also a matte like texture, and I admit if I use a different moisturizer for a few days in place of the vitamin c one, my skin goes back looking quite dull and tired.

20171001608737065.jpgIrregular Choice Bird-Cage Collection
(photo credit Irregular Chice Instagram)

Lastly, my favourite Irregular Choice shoes so far this season that I unfortunately don’t own and quite possibly never will is the amazing bird-cage heels that launched on 29th September. These shoes and boots are currently in my place of work for me to look at and admire but with a £199-£265 price tag there is just no way these shoes can be mine. The amount of detail that has been included within the design is truly incredible and after a few weeks of seeing, sorry to say it, quite dull and boring designs being launched (from my point of few) it was fantastic to see the brand come back with a bang with what they do best. Fantastic Irregular shoes not for the faint hearted.

I guess that’s it, if I’m honest I could keep going. I’ve read some fantastic books this month been to some fantastic places and gigs as well as having consumed some wonderful food. September has been a pretty good month and I am incredibly excited to see what October brings with it. I guess I’ll see you on the other side!

As always let me know what you’ve been loving this month in the comments section below!


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Bunny Moon Face Mask

The past two weeks have flown over since I posted my first Face Mask Friday review and I wont lie, I have unfortunately neglected my face mask routine in that short space of time. The reason being, as all parents reading this will know, the kids have just recently gone back to school and I am finding it incredibly difficult trying to get back into the school / work / life routine. I honestly have found myself climbing into bed most nights after 11.30pm! Utter madness.

As you can imagine, the combination of late nights and cold early mornings has left my skin dull, dry and incredibly unhappy. Thankfully this weeks face mask review is on another Lush Jelly Mask named Bunny Moon, and seeing as this mask promises to moisturize, calm and clear my skin this may be the SOS my skin is crying out for after two weeks of neglect!


Bunny Moon was one of the first jelly masks I wanted to pick up and try due to its cute name. Yet I ended up purchasing The Birth Of Venus and 1000 Millihelens before adding this mask to my collection. Bunny Moon is the only product from the Lush Jelly Mask range that is NOT vegan as it includes the use of honey. This is because honey is an antiseptic which helps fight off any pesky acne you may have by cleansing your pours, as well as it also helping to keep your skin soft and smooth. The Bunny Moon mask also includes chamomile and marigold infusion and rose oil within its ingredients list. The combination of these natural ingredients give the mask a ‘clean’ smell which to me smells like talcum powder. The mask is also pale cream in colouring with added gold lustre on top, making it very visually appealing straight away. However, unlike the other jelly masks I own, this one is quite creamy in texture and sort of similar to that of a melted marshmallow. This does make it a lot easier to apply to my face unlike The Birth of Venus face mask, however I do feel I end up using a lot more product when it comes to applying Bunny Moon and if I’m honest, I am three uses into my pot and half the product is already gone.


This mask feels a little tight as soon as it begins to dry out, but not uncomfortably so. Also, when I come to remove the mask after 20 minutes, it has dried a little like liquid latex dries, and I am able to pull parts of it off my face. Gross? Yes? Oddly satisfying? Also yes. I have found the best way to resolve this is to splash my face with warm water a few times to turn the mask from ‘rubber’ back into the creamy, silky texture it originally was. I then remove the mask by wiping the product off my face with a cloth and warm water as you would with any other face mask.

After removing Bunny Moon my skin does look slightly brighter and firmer in comparison to what it looked like before I applied the mask, it also feels softer to touch.  However, is this a face mask I would buy again? If I’m honest probably not. I personally think I would rather invest in a fresh face mask like oatifix which contains honey to help fight my acne but also contains oatmeal and ground almonds which would exfoliate my skin. I would then continue to use The Birth of Venus every other night instead to help keep my skin looking brighter, more healthy and radiant. This is no disrespect to Bunny Moon, which is still a brilliant mask within its own right, it’s just that I unfortunately don’t think it caters to my personal skin care needs. However, I still have half a pot to use so I may change my mind in time.

Let me know if you are getting on better with Bunny Moon and how your finding Lush’s new Jelly Face Masks. I will be back in two weeks for another Face Mask Friday post, although I have no idea what mask to use next! If you have any recommendations let me know in the comments section below.



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Urban Decay x Jean-Michel Basquiat: Gold Griot Palette

I will start this post off by admitting that mid way through this year I lost all enthusiasm when it came to my makeup. At the end of 2016 I was playing with all these wonderful bright colours, caking my eyelids in glitter and just generally having fun with the looks I was creating. However, fast forward nine months and the only eye  shadow in my collection that currently sees the light of day is a No.7 pale grey transition colour that I got for free and if I’m truly honest that’s on days where I can be arsed to apply it at all.

That was until I stumbled upon the Urban Decay x Jean-Michel Basquiat Limited Edition Gold Griot eye shadow palette at my local Urban Decay beauty counter. I was instantly drawn in by the colours Sucker Punch, Influence and Crown. This collection also featured another eye shadow palette named Tenant and fingers crossed this will also one day join my collection as it has the most wonderful and daring shades of green, pink and blue.



Both of these fantastic eye shadow palettes are housed in a mini reproduction of Basquiat’s artwork, with all eight shades inside each palette haven been inspired by the art work it is encased in. As if that isn’t cool enough, the palette itself has been cleverly created out of canvas, and even includes a small cut out on the back so you are able to hang your own little bit of Basquiat artwork on your wall.


The colours are incredibly pigmented in comparison to other eye shadow palettes I own, and they are so easy to blend and manipulate as you use them. I am currently using Enigma (Top colour) and Levitation (Second from top) as transition colours.


I have also used Not For Sale (third colour down) paired with a MAC cranberry red shimmer shadow to create an autumnal smokey eye look, as well as pairing Sucker Punch with the shade Influence (fourth pan and fifth pan down) to create a dramatic copper smokey eye look.


As you can see from my awful attempts at swatching these colours, Pseudonym (second from the bottom) was the most difficult shade to blend out, and to be honest I’m a little disappointed in this colour as well. On the back of the palette packaging Pseudonym looks like a deep plum colour, however in the pan it looks black with flecks of pink shimmer, yet upon swatching this shade it looks as if it just plain matt black. One that may end up being difficult to work with. However if you look underneath, look at how beautiful Crown is (last pan)! The way the light bounces off this lustrous gold shade makes me very excited about the upcoming festive months, and I am sure I will make use of this colour at every given opportunity.

Now, due to this collection being ‘limited edition’ as well as being originally released way back in April, this palette wont be hanging around for long so if you are interested in purchasing it then I advise you act quickly.  I’m secretly praying that the Tenant pallet will still be in stock by the time my next pay-day rolls around, and if I am lucky enough to get my hands on it (fingers crossed) then I will also do a small review on the different and more daring shades that are encased inside.

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