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Bumble and Bumble: prêt-à-powder


Way back in October I ordered the Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Campaign Beauty Box which was bursting with samples from various beauty brands, one of which was the Bumble and Bumble prêt-à-powder . What is prêt-à-powder? According to the description on the front of the bottle it is ‘equal parts dry shampoo, style extender and volume in a pinch’. Now I will admit this product has pretty much just been floating around my room over the past four months along with many other dry shampoos that rarely see the light of day. Why? Because unfortunately I am one of those ‘crazy’ people who wash their hair everyday without fail, so dry shampoo has never really been needed. However, this week I have dyed my hair a sort of green / turquoise blue colour and if you have ever had experience with coloured hair you will know that washing it daily means the colour will last three days tops if your lucky.


As I am sure you can imagine I’m struggling to adjust to washing my hair every other day instead of daily, so I am heavily relying on products such as this one to help keep my hair looking fresher for longer.


So how do you use it? Well, I personally have been applying this powder to my roots where it absorbs any oil that is present and admittedly it does make my hair feel both fresh and clean. The powder is also incredibly light in texture which means it doesn’t weigh my hair down unlike some of the other dry shampoos I have used in the past. Once massaged into my roots the prêt-à-powder seems to vanish and is invisible in my hair which is great as some dry shampoos I have used in the past tend to leave a dusty chalk like residue after being applied and even brushed out. This product also managed to create a small amount of volume which was fantastic as my hair is quite thin and often becomes quite limp and lifeless throughout the day. The fragrance is also quite pleasant and smells floral / like clean linen, yet once applied to my hair I can no longer detect any scent.

However, I do kind of have an issue with how pricey this product is at £23 for a tiny 56g bottle. Yes you read that correct. Admittedly, a small amount of product does seem to go a long way (I still have over half my sample bottle left after a few uses) and it does do the job of three products rather than one. Will I end up investing  in this product once I run out? Honestly, I’m not so sure, especially seeing as I can get similar results from my Lush No Drought dry shampoo and a back combing brush for just under £5 for a similar sized bottle.

So yeah, if you have any recommendations for dry shampoo that keeps coloured hair looking fresh then please let me know in the comments below! Also I’m running a poll over on my Instagram this week where you can vote for what product I feature in next week’s sample sunday post.


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