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The Quest For Perfect Foundation: Dior Skin Forever Undercover


I’m not sure about you, but I find myself forever searching for the perfect foundation. This is not an easy task as I have combination / oily acne prone skin as well as an incredibly pale skin tone. I am currently testing out the new Dior Skin Forever Undercover Foundation in the shade 012 porcelain and thought I would write-up a mini first impressions post seeing as I received a small sample pot after buying the full-sized version last week.


This foundation claims to have the ‘highest level of pigments’ found in Diors range ‘almost twice as many as the original Dior Skin Forever Fluid foundation’. This means that this is a full coverage foundation and I personally found that a small amount of this product went a long way. Upon applying it to my skin it instantly covered my flaws (redness and acne scars). I also felt that this was incredibly lightweight in comparison to other foundations I have used in the past, which was wonderful news especially considering I didn’t have to apply multiple layers to get a good coverage.

The Dior Undercover also leaves my skin with a matte finish but not in an overly cakey way which can sometimes happen with high coverage products. It is also water based which is fantastic as it doesn’t react with my oily t-zone and stays put throughout the day. This is another bonus as it claims to be long wearing and able to last up to 24 hours which I found to be sort of true, not that I wear my make up for 24 hours straight but I did discover that I didn’t need to touch up my make up as often as I  usually have to do when wearing other foundations.

However, I have also found that this foundation does begin to oxidize a few hours after being applied to my skin, and was slightly darker / more ‘orange’ then I would have liked.  So on that note if you were debating purchasing this product I would recommend getting it matched to your skin tone before buying.

And that is that. Let me know what foundation you are currently loving or if you have any recommendations! Also sorry for how many times I repeat the word ‘foundation’ throughout this post. Until next time!



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